Chapter 13

Although Mr. Yankey followed his mother's surname, he was the eldest young master of the Jacklin family and the boss of the Prosperity Group.

Jack smiled and did not explain much.

He went upstairs to his room. After searching his cloakroom for a long time, he still couldn't find the appropriate ones.

He turned around and walked out of the room.


Gabrielle soon appeared at the stairs.

"Gabrielle, call Baird Lannan here."

Baird was the gardener in charge of the plants in his yard and ess about the same age as him.


Gabrielle hurried to look for Baird and he came here in less than two minutes.

Jack had already gone downstairs.

"Mr. Yankey, are you looking for me?"

"Baird, do you have any new clothes?"

Baird blinked, feeling puzzled. He then answered honestly, "Two days ago, I just bought two new clothes from the street pedlar."

He worked with those plants so it was easy for him to get muddy. That was the reason why he would wear these cheap clothes of poor quality.

"Give them to me. How much are they? I'll transfer it to you."


Baird was in a daze, suspecting that his ears were malfunctioning.

Even Gabrielle was in a daze.

"Mr. Yankey, I bought my clothes from the street pedlar."

Baird reminded him.

"I know. Just give them to me. I need them urgently. Don't worry. I'll give you the money. Double the original price."


Baird looked at Gabrielle for help but Gabrielle also did not know what Mr. Yankey was planning. However, she was used to obeying Mr. Yankey so she said to Baird, "Just follow Mr. Yankey's words."

"... Okay."

Finally, Baird handed Jack two sets of new clothes he bought from the street pedlar.

"Mr. Yankey, I've already washed them and haven't worn them."

Jack took the clothes over and knew that their quality could not be compared to his clothes when he touched them.

He didn't show any dislike at all but took a few hundred dollar notes out from his wallet and handed them to Baird.

"Mr. Yankey, they don't worth so much money."

"Take it!"

Seeing Jack glare at him, Baird shivered and quickly took the notes.

Although Mr. Yankey looked gentle and elegant, it was all an illusion.

How could he be soft-hearted since he had become the boss of the Prosperity Group?

"Gabrielle, lend me the bicycle you usually used to exercise."

Gabrielle was speechless.

Regardless of whether she agreed or not, Jack carried a black travel bag and left the gorgeous hall.

Gabrielle came back to her senses and chased after him while shouting, "Mr. Yankey, what are you going to do?"

Was he being kept as a mistress?

However, shouldn't he live a better life if so?

How could Mr. Yankey deliberately change his image so that people would treat him as an ordinary person or even a poor person?

"The key to the bicycle lock."

Gabrielle handed the key to Jack and said. "Mr. Yankey, you've confused me."

Jack got on the bicycle and left a piece of shocking news with a smile, "Gabrielle, I'm married. Her name is Quentina Mellis."

Gabrielle was shocked.

Was Mr. Yankey married?

His wife's name was Quentina Mellis?

Quentina Mellis?

She seemed to have heard this name somewhere.

Right, it was the protagonist of the photo album that Mr. Yankey hid on the bookshelf.

Mr. Yankey took the photo album as a treasure and she wouldn't have found it if she hadn't cleaned up the study for him.

The photo album was filled with photos of a girl from her childhood to her youth. In each photo, there were marks left by Mr. Yankey, including when the photo was taken, the name of the girl, and her age.

In the past, everyone thought that Mr. Yankey liked Miss Sabina Zody and so did Gabrielle. However, she then found the photo album...

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