Chapter 17

She had to admit that during the four years with Yale, the most intimate behavior they'd done was holding hands, hugging, and kissing on the face.

That was because she found kissing on the lips a little... disgusting.

Therefore, she'd never kissed Yale.

Her college roommates all believed that was a mental problem.

Jack smiled. "I didn't expect that a pretty girl like you dare not go home because your parents urged you to get married too much."

Quentina replied with a helpless sigh. "You bet it, but, indeed, I didn't meet someone I like. I dated Yale for four years, so of course, there was something special between him and me. To be honest, I always thought I'd marry him at that time. Then he broke my heart by dumping me for his future. Sad story, right?"

To some degree, her mother guessed it right that Quentina got heartbroken after being hurt by Yale and thus didn't want to get married.

"You know, it's not easy for someone who got deeply hurt by love to try it again."

At the mention of Yale, the details of their four-year relationship occurred to Quentina. Only when they had broken up did she realize her boyfriend had been acting weird.

(He must have been cheating on her for a long time.)

(How dare that scumbag to come back for her!)

A good horse would never turn round to graze on an old pasture. She'd rather die alone than be together with Yale again.

"No more on that annoying matter. All I want now is that my mom stops bothering me with that marriage thing."

A faint smile touched Jack's lips. "Don't worry. Now that you're with me, she won't arrange another blind date for you. We've known each other well for eleven years. I think your mom will be satisfied with me."

The only thing Jack was worried about was that his brother-in-law would speak ill of him in front of Quentina's mother.

Zachary treated Jack as a classmate, but Jack married Zachary's little sister in secret...

Zachary should blame himself for talking about his sister all day. Otherwise, Jack wouldn't get curious and follow him to school on the high-speed train.

Quentina had been a thirteen-year-old child when Jack met her for the first time, an adorable girl with a sweet, polite smile who was a little afraid of strangers.

After meeting her a few times, Jack had... Well, that was his secret that couldn't be told, at least for now.


Quentina suddenly chuckled.

Know each other well?

About Jack, she didn't know anything except his name and that he was Zachary's college classmate.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the bicycle. "Thank god it's still here! Remember to park the bike in Zoe's place on the first floor if you don't want it to be stolen overnight."

"There are many thieves here?"

"Well, some people just won't let go of the chance of picking up things on the sly."

Jack was speechless.

He unlocked the bike and got on it. Quentina sat behind him naturally.

"Hold my waist."

Jack demanded.

Quentina was surprised.

"Intimacy practice."

Quentina grunted, then gently wrapped her arms around his waist.

"No, hold me more tightly, or you'll fall halfway."

"I, I'll just grab your clothes."

Jack turned around with a grin. "I only have two suits for work, and I don't want one of them to get torn if we accidentally fall from the bike."

Quentina had to tighten her grip, her lips compressed together.

Only then did this foxy man take his wife for a ride on the bike with satisfaction. They were going to the restaurant to celebrate the end of their single lives.

[In the house of the Mellis family]

"Mom! Mom!"

Zachary rushed home and shouted for his mother as soon as he got out of the taxi.

The taxi driver said to himself with a smile, "I've never seen a man rushing home in such a hurry and calling his mother this eagerly."

Perhaps he was a mama's boy.

However, Zachary didn't mind what the taxi driver thought of him.

He had been on a business trip and hadn't even finished his work there when Quentina informed him of her marriage with Jack. Despite his shock, she wouldn't explain to him what was exactly going on.

Therefore, after leaving his work to his colleague, Zachary bought a plane ticket and flew a few hours back.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Are you home? Mom!"

Zachary ran into the house, shouting.

Georgia wore a floral apron, coming out of the kitchen with a spatula in her hand, scolding her son as soon as she saw him, "Don't make so many noises! Are you chased by a ghost or something? Shouldn't you be on a business trip now? Finished your work ahead of schedule? I was expecting you to bring a girlfriend back after being away for such a long time! You're 30 next year, not a young man anymore!"

Jared, who was watching TV in the hall, glanced at his wife and son, then continued to focus on the show.

He was used to the quarrel.

As for the other two elders, they didn't even look at their grandson, pretending that they didn't notice what was happening.

There was nothing worth looking at before he took his girlfriend here!

After all, they had been looking at their grandson's face for 29 years.

Zachary, who was probably used to being scolded, put his travel bag on the sofa and went to pour himself a cup of tea.

After taking a few sips, he said to his mother, "Don't urge me to get married all the time. I'm not even 30! And do you think I don't wanna bring a woman home to stop you from nagging? I do! The problem is I never meet any woman I like! Who am I supposed to marry?"

"You know what, you and your nagging about marriage caused Quentina to be in trouble!"


Something suddenly fell on the ground.

Georgia got so shocked that her spatula slipped from her hand.

The three elders who had been watching TV all stood up at the same time, asking Zachary anxiously, "What happened to Quentina?"