Chapter 5

Quentina nodded, "Of course. You can tell me anything improper."

Jack took a pen and crossed out article three, and then he handed the paper back to Quentina and said, "The agreement only needs three articles. You print two more copies, and let's sign it."

From now on, he, Jack Yankey, became a kept man of Quentina.

Quentina frowningly looked at what he had crossed out. A few minutes later, she seemed to have thought it through and printed two new copies without objecting.

Both of them signed their names on the agreement.

Jack glanced at his watch and said, "At this time, the city clerk's office is still opening. Let's go to get the marriage license now."

Quentina hesitated, "But I didn't bring my ID."

It would take hours to get the ID back and forth. At that time, the city clerk's office would already close.

Jack smiled, "But you always bring your driver's license, right? As long as you have something that could prove your identity, we can still go through the marriage registration. I happen to have a friend who is the city clerk."

Quentina felt strange, (Why is Jack more hurry than me?)

A few minutes later, Jack took Quentina out of the coffee shop and came up to a Benz.

He opened the car door for Quentina, signaling her to get in the car.

Quentina looked at the luxury car in front of her. Influenced by her big brother, who was a car nerd, Quentina knew that the car was worth millions of dollars.

(Jack is a rich man?)

He seemed to notice Quentina's doubt and explained, "This is a used car I bought from a friend. It only cost tens of thousands of dollars. Driving a luxury car out can make me respected and tasteful."

Quentina was speechless.

(It could cost a few million dollars to buy a new one. How could this "like-new" used car only cost tens of thousands?)

(But it is Jack's privacy. I'd better not ask.)

When Quentina got in the car, Jack closed the door for her and took out his phone to make a call.

Two minutes later, Jack got in the car. He fastened his seat belt and said to Quentina, "I asked my friend. It's okay to go through the marriage registration with the driver’s license."

Quentina nodded. "Jack, your friend is really capable."

Jack smiled. All of his friends were outstanding.

After the car started, Quentina carefully inquired about Jack. Although they had known for eleven years, they were not familiar with each other. Even her brother did not know much about Jack.

"Jack, where do you live? What do you do?"

After asking, Quentina quickly explained, "I'm not badgering you about your private life. We have known each other for eleven years, but I still don't know where you live. Now that we are getting married by contract, I think I have to know more about you."

Jack replied mildly, "My house is a little far from where I work. I didn't want to run back and forth, so I rented an apartment in Golden Park, which is near the company. Right, I work for the Prosperity Group."

Hearing that he said he was renting a house, Quentina breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid that he was not an ordinary person that she would get herself into trouble.

"Is the remuneration package of the Prosperity Group good? The rental in Golden Park is expensive."

Anyway, she didn't have that much money to rent an apartment in Golden Park.

Jack answered with patience, "Yes. I've worked there for several years since I graduated from college. My income is enough to support myself."

He turned to look at Quentina and added, "Even if I'm married, I can afford to raise a wife and children."

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