Chapter 12

Quentina and Xanthe thought, (So he borrowed it.)

The onlookers were deeply impressed by the mighty person who was able to borrow so much money in just ten minutes to humiliate his rival.

After Jack left, Xanthe asked her friend, "Quentina, is he your husband? When did you get married? I heard nothing about it at all."

"But your husband was domineering and impressive just now. Good for you. He's much better than that scumbag Yale."

Quentina returned to the cashier and sat down.

Xanthe followed her.

"We just got registered, but actually..."

Quentina whispered in her friend's ear, "It was because I was annoyed by my mother who always set up blind dates for me. Then I turned to Jack and hired him as my boyfriend so that I could shut my mother's mouth."

Xanthe was dumbfounded, "Hire? Why did you get married to a hired boyfriend?"

"Jack said we needed to act real. He's so good-looking and he's my brother's college classmate. I've known him for eleven years. It's a good deal for me, so I agree."

Xanthe poked Quentina's forehead a few times and whispered, "You're too ridiculous. Aren't you afraid of being tricked? You can't judge a person by his appearance. You've known him for eleven years, and you know who he was?"

"I don't, but I'm still an acquaintance of him."

Xanthe said, "I hope you don't get yourself into trouble."

She walked out of the cashier. "I need some air. I was overwhelmed by your absurdity."

Quentina shrugged.

Was a blitz marriage that scary?

She hired this boyfriend. They signed a contract.

"Beep, beep, beep..."

Quentina received a new message.

She took out her phone and saw that it was from Jack. He told her that he would go back to check out the room first and would come back before dinner to treat her to a feast to celebrate their registration.

Quentina laughed.

It was not a real marriage for them. What was there to celebrate?

However, she did not reject Jack's arrangement.

The Golden Park was a community with high-rise buildings and villas. The environment was livable with a convenient commute.

The villa that Jack lived in was one of the many villas under his name. Because it was close to the company, he often lived here.

His real home was Old House of the Jacklin's, which was A City's most famous and mysterious Prosperity Villa. It was built based on the style of gardens on the south of the Yangtze River, which was extremely beautiful.

But it was far from the downtown, which needed more than an hour to go.

The level of the security system was extremely high. Without the consent of the member of the Yankey family, no one could enter Prosperity Villa at all.

It was said that Prosperity Villa had also set up a maze. Even if outsiders went in, they would get lost and could not walk out.

The horn of the car rang.

Jack drove back to the gate of the villa and honked. Soon, he saw a fat middle-aged woman coming out.

"Mr. Yankey."

The fat woman opened the door of the villa and asked with a smile, "Why are you coming back now, Mr. Yankey?"

Jack drove the car into the garage and came out before answering the fat woman's question, "Gabrielle, I'll come back to get some clothes. I won't be living here in the short term."

Gabrielle was used to it, "Mr. Yankey, are you going on a business trip again?"

There were too many subsidiaries under the Prosperity Group. Although each subsidiary was managed by one of the siblings, sometimes when there were problems that could not be solved, the eldest Mr. Yankey, who was the person in charge of the family, had to deal with them.


"Then why?"

As a married man, Jack was in a particularly good mood and didn't mind saying a few more words. As he walked into the house, he said, "Gabrielle, I'm being kept by someone."

Gabrielle paused and chuckled. "Mr. Yankey, you are joking. Who can keep you? Who has the guts?"

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