Chapter 2

A gentle voice sounded. Quentina looked at the man walking over.

At the sight of Jack, she immediately stood up with a bright smile on her pretty face, "Jack, why are you here?"

Jack replied with a smile, "I'm here to meet a few friends. You weren't there when I came in."

This was why, Quentina, as the boss of Riviera Café, did not see Jack come in.

"Can I sit down?" Jack asked politely.

Quentina hurriedly said "yes", called the waiter to clean up the table, and continued, "Jack, wait a minute. I'll make you a cup of coffee myself."

"No need. Just give me a cup of warm water." He had already had a cup of coffee. If he drank more, he wouldn't be able to fall asleep at night.

Quentina then personally poured him a cup of warm water and ordered the waiter to bring over a few snacks.

Jack was her brother Zachary's college classmate. When Zachary was in college, he would go back to A City from S city every winter and summer vacation. Although Jack and her brother were not very close, because they had the same hometown, they would take the high-speed train back together every holiday.

Quentina was five years younger than Zachary. Every time she followed her father to the station to pick up Zachary, she could also see Jack.

Every time they met, she just simply greeted him. In fact, they were not familiar with each other and Quentina did not even know where he lived. However, they had known each other for eleven years.

Even if she hadn't seen him for the past few years, Quentina could still recognize Jack at a glance.

"What happened just now?" Jack asked gently.

Speaking of what happened just now, Quentina looked helpless. She complained, "Jack, I'm only 24 years old. I'm still young, right? But my mother is urging me to get married. I don't even dare to go home. My mother is eager to ask everyone she knows to set me up with boys. This month, she called me more than 10 times every day, and I've been on blind dates more than ten times in a row."

After a pause, Jack said, "Unbelievable. No need to be hasty."

When they first met each other, Quentina was only thirteen years old. Unknowingly, she was twenty-four years old now.

"That's right. My mother tells me the person I am going to date with today is a good man. I don't think so. He is in his thirties and hasn't married yet because of his bad character. He is the type of person who always wants others to pay."

Jack looked at Quentina and said, "You don't need a blind date with such a condition. The men who pursue you should line up in a long line."

He had watched her grow up. In the past, she was young, but now she was mature and had the charm of a woman. She was good-looking and her every move was charming. There should be no shortage of suitors.

Quentina curled her lips and explained, "When I was in college, I had a boyfriend. We had been in love for four years. Half a year ago, he met a rich girl and dumped me. My mother feels that I am hurt by a scumbag. She is worried that I won't marry anyone, so she asks someone to introduce me to a boyfriend every day."

She was just starting her own business and didn't care about the relationship.

But she couldn't deny that four years of love was no match for the temptation of money and status, which seriously hurt her.

When Jack heard Quentina say that she was abandoned by her boyfriend, his eyes dimmed.

Suddenly, Quentina's phone rang.

She took out her phone and looked at the caller ID, only to find it was her mother. She smiled bitterly and said to Jack, "My mother's calling me again. It must be because that weirdo speaks ill of me."

Ever since she was forced to go on a blind date by her mother, almost every time the blind date ended, she would be complained about by her blind date partner.

It was really not that she had a high taste. She just didn't want to be with a bad man she had no feelings for.

Marriage was a lifelong event. If she married an irresponsible man, she would have to take care of him while earning money to support the family. (Impossible! I won't be with such a woman.) Quentina thought.

Jack smiled. "You can explain it to your mother."

Quentina complained, "She doesn't listen to my explanation at all."

After complaining, she answered the phone.

As soon as the call was connected, her mother's urgent voice sounded, "Quentina, how many times have I told you that you are already 24 years old? If you don't hurry up, good men will marry girls who are younger than you. You will regret it if you finally marry a bad person."

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