Chapter 14

Only then did Gabrielle know Mr. Yankey had loved a girl for ten years!

"Gabrielle, I'm off now."

Jack left on his bicycle.

Quentina was an ordinary girl. Since he had a chance to enter her world, he naturally had to swallow his pride, integrate into her life as an ordinary boy, and then won her heart gradually.

Gabrielle watched his receding figure in a daze.

When she came back to her senses, she slapped her thigh and wanted to chase after him to ask, but Jack had disappeared.

"How could you! How could you!"

Jack got her all hot and bothered.

His equivocal bombshell provoked her curiosity, but there was no solution to work it out!

"I have to tell senior Ms. Yankey. She extremely cares about Mr. Yankey's wedding."

Gabrielle was talking to herself and was about to inform the old lady. When she got through, she hung up.

"If Mr. Yankey doesn't talk about his private affairs, I can't either. Work matters!"

Gabrielle was afraid that she would be fired by Mr. Yankey if she tipped him off.

Where could she find such an easy and well-paid job?

A plane from M Country slowly landed at the international airport in A city.

When the cabin door opened, the passengers disembarked one after another and dispersed.

Wearing a long plain dress, long wavy hair, and sunglasses, Sabina got off the plane, looked around, and smiled.

(A City, I'm back!)

(Jack, I'm back!)

Taking out her phone from her bag, Sabina walked forward and called Ambrose.

Ambrose, Jack, and Sabina were childhood friends and had a close relationship with each other.

However, as they grew older, Ambrose and Jack gradually became sworn enemies.

Sabina did not take sides even though the two boys had ended their friendship. Moreover, she wanted to resolve the grudge between them on her own.


Sabina smiled and said, "I'm back. Will you meet me at the airport?"

Ambrose, who was swamped by work, smiled when he heard Sabina's words, "You're back? Why didn't you tell me in advance then I can wait for you at the airport? No problem. I'll be there right away."

"Because I want to surprise both of you."

Ambrose subconsciously ignored the word "both."

"I'll eat something at the airport first. Drive safe."

The airplane meal stank, which Sabina didn't eat, so she was hungry.

"Okay, you go grab a bite, but don't eat too much. I'll take you to my hotel for dinner."

As Ambrose spoke, he got up and passed around the desk.

The pile of documents couldn't match Sabina.

Sabina paused and asked Ambrose tentatively, "Ambrose, if you want to kill the fatted calf, can we go to Jacklin Hotel? I'll call Jack."

Ambrose's face changed slightly, but he was not disposed to stop.

"Jack won't come. Even if I throw a party at Jacklin Hotel, you won't come across him."

Jack did not feel a thing for Sabina at all. His heart had been Sabina's wishful thinking and the headcanon of that smart-ass in their social sphere.

Not all men and women who grew up together could become lovers or couples.

Those people knew nothing about Jack, but Ambrose did, as Jack's sworn enemy.

"Well, okay, your hotel of course."

Sabina sensed the displeasure in Ambrose's words, so she did not insist.

She had been abroad for a long time, so the grudge deepened without her.

It meant that she needed to stay long-term by their side to resolve their grudges.

"Sabina, how long will you be staying this time?"

Ambrose's spirits rose and he asked her with a smile.

"I'm transferred back. I won't leave A City unless I go on a business trip."

Sabina went abroad ten years ago. She registered as a resident in A city.

The ancestors of the Jacklin family had left a family motto that anyone of future generations who immigrated to a foreign country had no right to inherit the property of the Jacklin family.

If Sabina wanted to be the next Mrs. Jacklin, how could she immigrate abroad?

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