Chapter 7

Yehudi was surprised that the two got the marriage certificate without even meeting the parents of both sides. Could it be a flash marriage?

Well, why did he only think of it now? When they came to go through the formalities, the woman didn't even have a household register. Although there was a certificate issued by the police station, it could be seen that they had decided to get the certificate at the last minute.

Yehudi was so surprised. He never expected Jack to get married in a flash!

Unfortunately, even if he had many questions, Jack would not give him a chance to ask.

After getting in the car, Jack asked Quentina gently, "Would you like to eat something together? Or shall I take you straight back to the coffee shop?"

Quentina looked at the photo of her and Jack on the marriage certificate, replying without raising her head, "Just take me back to the coffee shop. I have food there."

Jack smiled, "Okay."

After folding the marriage certificate, Quentina Mellis stuffed it into her trouser pocket and smiled, "I didn't expect to get this certificate with you."

"Call me Jack from now on. That won't arouse suspicion."

Jack corrected the way she called him first. No matter what their purpose was, they were legally married now.

Staring at her pretty face and bright smile, Jack smiled, "I didn't expect my wife to be you either."

Although they were married in a flash, Jack did not regret it at all.

"Jack, this is a fake marriage. You'd better still call me Quentina. Don't call me honey or something like that."

Jack was not angry, but he asked, "Can't I call you honey in front of your family?"

Quentina was a little awkward, "Do that as little as possible. It sounds creepy."


Jack started the car and asked Quentina a few minutes later, "Where are you living now? I'll move to your place tonight to live with you."


Jack reminded her, "You said you would give me five thousand dollars a month, let me eat and live, and provide me two sets of clothes for four seasons."

In this case, he had to live with her.

Quentina was speechless, "Don't you live in Golden Park? The environment there is very good. The environment of my home is not as good as Golden Park's."

"You also said that the rent in Golden Park is very expensive. Although I can afford the rent, I have a family now, so I have to save some money. If I moved to your place, I not only act according to the agreement we signed but also I save some money."

Quentina could not refute. After all, it was she who drafted such an agreement to lure him to pretend to be her boyfriend. Now she was shooting herself in the foot.

"I rented a 1B1B. It's only a two or three-minute walk from my coffee shop. I'm staying in my room now. Jack, if you move in with me, you'll have to live in the living room."

Jack smiled as he drove, "it's fine. Or, You help me pay the rent and I won't move. My rent, together with the electricity and water costs, is only ten thousand dollars a month."

Hearing this, Quentina immediately said, "Take me back to my shop and eat something in my shop. You should go back to check out and move right away."

Jack smiled, "Sure."

Quentina breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't have to pay the rent for him.

Suddenly, Jack's phone rang.

He was driving, so he did not pick up the phone. However, the other party didn't give up and kept calling.

He could only free one hand to take out the phone from his trouser pocket and hand it to Quentina. Quentina took his phone in confusion.

"It's not convenient for me to answer the phone while I'm driving. Help me see who called."

Quentina felt that it was inappropriate, but it was not easy to refuse. When she saw that it was Zachary who called, she felt even worried.

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