Chapter Eleven


I wrapped a bigger, fluffier jumper on as I closed the window. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY COLD. Eversince I got home, the cold weather has come and decided to make me freeze.

Mum was in the kitchen and had told me to get ready for Annelie and her husbands arrival. To be honest, I actually wanted wear something nice. I poped on my white high neck lace overlay bodycon dress. (Up top/to the side)

I found my white ballet flats and headed downstairs. The soft hum of my mum set a smile on my face. She always does that if she was happy. "Sweetie! Look at you, so beautiful." I blushed and helped set the table.

"When will they arrive?" I ask, lifting the plates off the shelf.

"About 10 minutes, hon. Its quite rainy and windy outside so they have to be careful of the road." Nodding in understandment, I check my phone and realised I had one new message.

*Keena boo*

Hey there, so... I wanted to ask if you want to come to our winter cabin for the holidays...

I giggled and message back.

Of course, I would love too!

*Keena boo*

Great! Meet up tomorrow to talk about details.


Just as I sent the last message, the door bell rings. I run to it and fling the door open and squeal. "Anne!"

"Mera!" She hugged me, using my nickname. "Oh ive missed you!" I giggled and look at Derekwho was smiling and unloading the luggage.

"Hey you! Better not of gotten my sister pregant." We laughed and hugged eachother.

"Staying out of trouble, kiddo?" I nudge him.

"Yes! Im not a trouble maker. Now come on, its cold!" I drag them both inside where mum was hugging Annelie and Derek.

"Come, lets eat!" We all sat, grabbing the food. I was the first to grab the chicken though. What? I cant help love my mums chicken.

"So Simera, met anyone recently?"

"Maybe." I reply, watching her sneak a glance at Derek like they were having the same thoughts. Though, I ignored it.

"Hows sch-" the door bell rang. I smiled and got up.

"Ill get it!" I got up and heard small growls. What the... I opened the door but that was a mistake. I was grabbed around the neck, my eyes being blindfolded. My voice couldny even make a squeak.

"Let. Her. Go." It sounded like Derek's voice. The person who squeezed my throat and blindfolded me chuckled darkly.

"Awe but she's so adorable when she struggles." I couldn't handle it, black dots were covering my vision.


Keena POV

This is the maddest I ever been in my life. How dare he hurt MY mate. MY Mate.

I growled lowly, taking wolf form before charging forward. I thought visiting my love of my life will be great but, its just made me pissed.

"Keena, careful!" Derek shouted a warning. I nodded my head and watched as Annelie caught Simera as the vampire dick dropped her.

"Hello little mutt." My growl only caused his smirk to widen. Oh how I wish to rip it right off. Jumping forward, I snapped at his face but only to find a fist heading its way into my stomach. I whimper and stamp on his groin. "Ah! You ugly dyke!"

Thats it. I grab him around the neck with my jaws, snapping his damn neck. Backing away, I whimper when I see my mate unconscious. I change back and run to her. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah. Just passed out for a while."

"Okay. Good. How about your mother?" Annelie looks back and freezes. Mrs Petra stood behind us, shaking, a gun in hand. Annelie stood, giving Simera to me.


"What are... you?" Annelie moved forward but Mrs Petra stepped back.

"Mum... Its okay, we wont hurt you. Promise." Mrs Petra slowly put the gun down and sat on the floor, her eyes never wavering but casually looking at sleeping Simera. I caressed her hair. "Its okay Simera. Your safe now." I whispered and lift her up. "Mrs Petra, could we all talk in the living room?" After a few pauses she got up and nodded.

I put Simera on the couch, her head laying on my lap. "Mum, did you want some tea?" She shook her head at Annelie and focused her attention on my hand caressing Simera's hair.

"Mrs Petra-"

"Thea." I coughed.

"Okay, Thea. We are... Except Simera... Are werewolves." Thea's eyes widened.

"Your... Your like Jelon..."

"Uncle Jelon?!" Annelie gasped. Thea nodded and looked at Annelie.

"I know that... Werewolves and vampires and other creatures exist because... My brother Jelon is one of you. A werewolf. And no, I'm not a werewolf. When I freaked out, Keena's wolf looked a lot bigger than Jelon." I smiled and looked down at Simera. She had snuggled into my stomach with a small smile.

"Because I am going to be Alpha when my father steps down. And Simera will be my Luna."

"No." Our heads snapped to Thea. Her face was straight but her lips thinned.

"What?" I asked, my wolf starting to fume.

"I don't want Simera to be in all this. I want her to live a normal life. Not with the supernatural. She is human for Christ sake!" I growled.

"So you want your daughter to die without my protection and love? You want your daughter to be so heartbroken, she ends up ending her life? Do you really want the enemies to come after My mate and make her suffer? I think not." Thea was a sobbing mess after I finished.

"I-I just don't want her to end up like her father... She's my youngest... So-so much like her father, she is." I smiled and took her hand.

"Thea, my father and Annelie and Derek had a talk. Its winter holidays and we want you and Simera to come to the Winter Cabin with us. Its safe and it'd be nice to be all together." She sniffled and let a chuckle.

"That'd be nice. Okay but-but I'm not sure... I dont have the money to pay you for expenses..."

"Its fine Mrs Petra. Our treat." She nodded and beamed.

"How about I start packing. Simera will be excited to hear about this trip! Come Annelie, Derek! Leave the love birds for a while." I smiled grateful and looked down at my little sleeping mate. She is so beautiful. I'm so lucky to have her.

She mumbled a little. Words that I couldn't quite hear. "I surround you... What am I?" She mumbled and her face scrunched up. Was she having a nightmare? I shook her lightly. "Simera... Wake up, sweets." Her eyes opened and brightened as she saw me. "Hello there sleepy beauty." She giggled.

"Hi." She whispered, her voice raspy from sleep.

"Guess what?" She nodded asking what. "Were going to my winter cabin!" She squealed and hugged me, her arms around my neck.

"Yay! Wait... My mum said yes?" I grinned.

"Even better. She's coming with us." She squealed again.

"Oh my god! This is great! I cant wait for this! Oh! I have to pack..." I watch her ramble. "Okay so I'm gonna go pack" Before i could say anything, she pecked my lips and ran up the stair. I was frozen. She just kissed me... well i think thats a kiss. But, damn, I need a cold shower.

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