8 years later

Simera's POV

"Momma! Mommy!" Me and Caera grinned at our adoptive daughter, Samantha. She is such a beautiful child, I'm lucky to call her my own.

It has been 8 years since I rejected Keena and left to start a new life with Era. I never heard from Keena again but heard news about how her life. She now has three gorgeous boys, a mate that loves her unconditionally and a pack that she loves.

I do miss her, but the pain is still there and I dont think I could face her. But that's okay, I'm quite happy now. My mother isn't working at the hospital anymore. She's now starting up her own business in housing for Vampires.

Me? Well I'm a high school teacher and a mum oh and a vampire. I made the choice to stay alive and love my mate forever. I have everything I could want. And I would never change it. "Hey baby girl!" I picked up Sam and sat her on me hip.

"Our baby girl is growing up quick, love." I pecked Era's lips and smiled.

"Yes she is."


I twirl the coffee cup around and watch as the dark coffee in the cup. It's been a few years and I'm gonna finally be able to talk to Keena. She had scared me. Knowing that she was violent and possessive, really makes me scared that she will always be like that. That's why I had left with Caera but also because I had seen a soft side, a side of Caera that I love.

"This seat taken?" I look at and nod at her. She's changed heaps. Her hair is longer now, her face now defined and sharper.

"So..." I smile.

"Its good to see you." I say, watching as she fiddles with her fingers.

"Your a vampire now."

"Yep." And there is the silence. "Thanks for coming out I just wanted to get closer."

"Me too. I-I felt...feel really bad at what happened. I let my instinct take over and ended up hurting you." I smile and take a sip of my coffee.

"And and I forgive you, Keena. I had loved you but, I felt as if it wasn't received. Thank you for giving me amazing memories back then. I really do appreciate it. But after that moment, I couldn't. I had met Caera and felt her love. I knew that she was my mate." I smiled sadly as I watch her eyes tear up and she wipes them away.

"And I had found mine in the end. I loved you... still do. I had thought you were mine. My mate but I guess you weren't." I nod and stand up as she does the same.

"Keena I'd like to be friends and start over." She smiled brightly and hugged me.

"Of course! Thank you so much for forgiving me. Thank you." I rubbed her back and spotted my mate leaning against our car.

Pulling away from the hug I smile at Keena. "Call me sometime and we can hang out. Like old times." She nods and I walk away waving. "See ya."

I'm glad I had that talk. It lifted weight off my heart. If I had never talked to Her, I think I might if felt guilty. I hug my wife and snuggle under her chin. "Better babe?" I nod and peck her lips.