Chapter Three

Keena POV

"Hi." My little mate mumbled. Awe she's so shy. My eyes gazed down to her hand where it was connected to Trix. I growled through the link.

Trix quickly let go and sat next to Jamie. I realized there weren't any seats left.

"Give her your seat!" Alicia yelled which I agreed. Standing I looked at Simera.

"Here take mine. I'll grab another chair." I smiled. She looked nervous but took it anyway. Good girl. Sitting down, I couldn't help peeping a look at her. She was nibbling on a sandwich from her bag. Cucumber? Least she is a little more hydrated.

"So, this is the group. To your left is Keena." I smiled smugly at her. "On your right is me." Trix grinned. "Next to Keena is Dez, short for Dezra. Next to me is Jamie and her twin Elie. Stay away from that pervert." I heard my Simera giggle behind her mouth. "And lastly we have Jordyn."

Jordyn just nodded and went back to her game. As usual. I frowned when her sidekick wasn't beside her. "Where's Alex?"


"Beta training?" I asked through the mind link since Simera is human she doesn't know what we are... so it's kind of hard to talk about this out loud. Jordyn nodded and went back to her phone.

"C-can I ask what training? Like sports training?" I smiled as my mate spoke. Isn't she just adorable with that baggy shirt and those black jeans that complement her sexy legs? Did I mention that she has a perfect ass?

"Sure Buttercup. My brother Alex likes Basketball, so he had to train today with the team." Simera blushed and the guys raised their brows at me but didn't ask questions.

"My sister use to be a cheerleader."

"Are you trying out?" I wonder if she would look great in a cheer costume. Hmm. The short skirt and tank top. Her legs and arms on full display for people to see... nope! I don't want nasty boys looking at my mate like that.

"NO! I-I mean... no, I'm not. I have my dance course instead." The group snickered.

"You're in our dance class?!" Dez squealed and pushed me out of my seat and sat in it, facing Simera. I growled but knowing Dez when she gets excited there's no moving her. Simera nodded nervously, looking to Trix for help.

"Yeah..." Dez squealed louder.

"Which class?! Teacher!"

"Fifth, Mrs. Kirby." Oh god, she's going to squeal... Dez bounced in her seat excitedly, her eyes brimming with interest. When I took a glance at Simera, I knew she would be okay with Dezra as her form had slowly relaxed and she listened intently to Dezra.

"We're in the same class! Ohhhh I can't wait!" I saw a small smile light its way on Simera's face. I wonder what classes she has with me.

"Hey Buttercup, can I see your table?"

"S-sure..." She pulled out her schedule and handed me it. Small sparks tingled my fingers as we slightly touched. However, it appears my little mate didn't feel anything. I internally frown and look down at the paper timetable. She doesn't have any classes with me except for math and History and gym. That sucks. I pout and hand back her schedule. I wanted to be in all her classes. We could have had so much fun in class and when we have projects we could be paired. "You can change your classes to be with her," Alicia said, yawing as if she was sleeping not long ago. I bit my lip, a large grin on my lips.

"YES!" I didn't realize I said it out loud when the group including Simera laughed at me. I laughed nervously and settled down in my seat smiling shyly. "Shut up."

"I-I have gym class next. I guess that's P.E?" Simera asked, biting her lip. Oh gosh, babe do not do that. You'll drive my wolf crazy.

"Yep! Mr. Flamando is hardcore though." Simera creases her brows in a frown. Awe! She looks like a little puppy! Thoughts of our little pups came to mind. Blue or brown-eyed little girls and boys running around the packhouse. That is if Simera accepts me as hers.

"Really?" We all nod.

"I passed out on the floor once after doing his runs." Jamie groaned at the memory.

"I don't like the sound of that..." My little Simera mumbled nervously.

"Awe you'll be okay." Elie grinned. I growled at him, warning him to back off. Before he could speak the warning, the bell rung causing chairs to scrap against the floors, students walking to class.

"Come on Cutie, I'll show you to the gym. We're in the same class." Standing up, I smile down at her before taking her hand softly in mine.

"O-okay." Taking her hand had caused her cheeks to turn beet red. I chuckled and pulled her along beside me, hand in hand down the hallway. It was weird though. Not many students come to our school. Not that I'm grateful for having my mate arrive in my life but it made me curious as to why she came here in the first place. Clearing my throat, I look at Simera with a kind smile.

"So, what made you want to move here?"

"My mum wanted to start fresh," Simera whispered. Did something happen before she moved here? To comfort her, I caressed her hand with my thumb.

"You okay?" I asked, pausing.

"Y-yeah. Homesick." It became silent after a while but when the blue gym doors came into view I stopped in front of it and pushed open the doors.

"Okay. Come on, this is the gym."

"It's bigger than my old school's gym." My mate replied.

"Really?" Before she could say more Mr. Flamando called my name. Groaning I look at Simera. "You go on ahead. The teacher wants to talk to me." She nodded and looked around before walking off. My eyes glance at her ass as she walks to the bleachers. I still reckon she would look amazing in a cheer uniform.

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