Chapter Eighteen

Caera Pov (Surprise!)

Small hic-ups and light snores were soundlessly singing in my ear. Simera had fallen asleep while crying. Poor love. I'd do anything to make my sweet-heart smile that beautiful smile she always has on her face. I'd make sure she has everything she'd ever need. Make sure she is smiling all day and night. If she was upset, the world will be hers. Anything will be hers if I had my way.

I remember the very first time I smelt her wonderful scent.


The moon seemed to be on it's highest peak. Stars shinning brighter than usual. Tonight must have special wishes in stall for the stars and moon to be just as beautiful. A small smile formed its way against my lips, causing my fangs to stick out against my bottom lip.

I quickly hide them and look down, my long red hair cascading around my face. This new side of me... I hate it. I cannot show my face to my parents grave, knowing what I have become.

It's one thing that I will forever hate. My life now never moving forward. Staying in one place. Frozen until someone kills me.

With a sigh, I walk down the concrete pathways, humans seem to invent. I roll my eyes and look up and take a deep breath. A wonderful luscious smell fills my nostrils. I had to find this scent!

Running in vampire speed, the found the source.

A girl with the greenest eyes on the planet was standing outside in what looked like a school. She looked absolutely beautiful. But why was she at a school. At night time! I must listen in.

"God, why does Keena always leave me for this?" My heart skipped a beat when I heard her speak.

"Awe but least we're here to help." Another voice. A blonde chick.

"I know that, Dez. But is Keena's job this time!" I chuckled at her whining.

Why does this girl set fire to my lungs? Every time I see that smile, my heart skips. My heart isn't even supposed to beat!

"I guess. Come on, let's get this done so we can go home." The beautiful green-eyed girl nodded, her eyes shining. She's absolutely stunning. Nothing, not even a rose can be compared to her.

"Let us make it the best-decorated orientation ever!" The blonde - Dez, giggled.

"Oh, Simera." I stopped listening when her name came to my ears. She is just so elegant! I have to get to know her... But the smell of wolf lingers around her. I know for a fact shes human so she must have friends that are wolves.

I need to make sure to get her alone and take her. She is my mate after all. And they only show up once in your life, barley that if your lucky. Lots of supernatural beings can go years without finding one. And right now I'm incredibly lucky to find this beautiful human girl. She has me whipped already.

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