Maria kept her distance for days just admiring what she couldn't touch from a distance.

Trent had started visiting Cole again, it made Cole happy so much that the doctors advised he never took more than two days off.

Seems he was really Cole's best friend, the way they bonded made her smile, the way Trent could make him open him up more than anyone else was remarkable.

She asked him out to dinner every night since she got to Greensboro, his response was always a flat no.

She should be in her office not caring what he thought, reminiscing on the good times and moving on but this- this thing was different, she didn't want memories she had with him, she wanted it all. You could call her Oliver twist.

Trent ignored every aspect of Maria willing his brain to shut down when he was few feets away from her.

It was hard already that she asked him out every night, his resolve was breaking piece by piece but she was still a long ask away from him saying yes.

When Maria leaned down to kiss Cole goodbye Trent inhaled a lung full of her addictive scent only letting it out when he realized he needed to breathe.

Maria took an step towards him before stopping herself in time, Trent could see the frustrations in her eyes he could feel how tense this situation was making her but he returned his gaze to Cole after what was only seconds later.

Maria half stomped out the room. She was still a long way from him saying yes.


Cole was discharged weeks later almost close to beginning of exams, he got the basic concept for what he needed to write but he was still 8 years behind.

“Mom” Cole called out, Maria stiffened before turning to carefully access him.

“Uh yes Cole”

“Are you going home with us?” Cole asked with his eyes full of Hope.

Home? Wherever Cole called home wasn't hers anymore but she couldn't tell Cole that.

“Yes but I'll only be here for a few weeks before I go back to LA” Maria said slowly like she was talking to a child.

“Why? Don't you live with us anymore, what of Dad? I'm sure he doesn't like you living far away right Dad?” Cole turned his inquisitive eyes to Frank.

Frank stood like a deer caught in a cars headlight “Uh yes but your mom needs to be in LA for some stuff so just get enough of her right now kid.

Cole frowned staring into space before a limo pulled up.

“The doctor advised a lot of bed rest but he said you could read if you like.

Cole hummed signalling his disinterest in the conversation.

Maria ruffled Cole's hair as he settled himself in, Frank stretched out on the other side of the car resting his head on the chair probably trying to catch up on some lost sleep before they got home.

The doctor warned that Cole might be temperamental, rude and irritated at slight things.

Maria sighed thinking of the long two weeks ahead, she would give anything to be in LA right now but Cole was her son.

Dammit. She needed to remember Cole couldn't survive the next few months without some love and care.

But just how much could she give before she snapped?


“I don't want oatmeal” Cole grumbled pushing his plate away.

“The doct-”

“I don't care what the doctor says ok I said I don't want it.

“Cole just try it, you do need it for a quick recovery, oat meal is way better than soup you know”

“I said I don't want it.” Cole yelled.

Maria gritted her teeth squeezing the napkin in her hands till she could see in normal colours again.

“Cole” Maria said softly “Please can you-”

“I just sai-”

“Watch it, interrupt me one more time and I swear to God” Maria snapped

“Or what? I just said I don't want it, why are you bugging me?

“Cole everyone is trying their best for you, it's your choice if you want to get better but the least you could do is appreciate our efforts.

“What efforts?” Cole glared at Maria “Like you wouldn't give anything to be back in your big shot office or driving round LA”

“I would gladly give anything to be away from here because I'm at my limits with you, we're all trying our best here to make you feel comfortable; to make you feel better but all you do is make yourself a planet that everything must evolve around, you're being selfish.

“If you miss LA that bad you can go back I don't need you here anyway, I'm fine on my own" Cole pushed his chair back marching all the way upstairs.

Maria fisted her hair, she couldn't take another aspirin if not she would be the one on a hospital bed.

She was tempted to drink the whole bottle so she didn't need to deal with this shit everyday.

“What's wrong?

Maria jumped regretting it seconds after when her head pounded.

“Shit I'm sorry are you ok?” Trent tucked her hair behind her ear.

Maria felt nothing except his hands on her body, when his fingers raked through her hair she couldn't help but shiver.

Maria leaned unconsciously into Trent praying he would just let her breathe him in.

“What's wrong?” Trent tilted her head till she was staring into his beautiful eyes filled with worry.

“I've had it with Cole, I feel like I'm going to pull all my hair out. I know- God I know he's feeling out of place but there's only so much I can take.

Trent kissed the worry lines on her face telling himself he was only holding her because she wasn't feeling well.

“I apologize on his behalf, I'm going to talk to him maybe that would make it better.” 

Maria held him tighter burning every inch of him into her memory, she let him go reluctantly, focusing on the oatmeal she needed to dispose she got to work.

Trent balled his fists as he watched her work, he took a step towards her screaming fuck it in his head.

“Go to Cole Trent please” Maria pleaded. Trent was caught between everything he held dear.

“I'll come back for you”

Maria smiled softly nodding slowly “I'll be waiting”


Trent knocked on Cole's door before walking in.

Cole sat at the edge of his bed playing COD on his console.

“Hey bud” Trent greeted from the door.

“What's up Trent, you up for a match?” Cole asked not taking his eyes off the game.

“I'm actually here to talk to you, I saw your mom downstairs” Cole dropped his game pad still not taking his eyes off the game. “She is worried and under so much stress Cole, why are you adding to it? Look I know you're not feeling so well but she's your mom and she needs to be treated with respect. Why don't you try listening to her for a start hmm?

“I know I'm being shitty but it's because I've got a plan.” Cole had the mischievous look in his eyes Trent was used to yet this time it filled him with dread. 

“What's your plan then?” Trent hoped it wasn't something coach would fine him for.

Trent realized it was much worse.

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