Maria had taken the private jet to avoid getting on another plane before arriving in Greensboro.

Damn it. She chastised herself, she didn't even get the name of the boy who always called her or maybe she didn't want to day dream in this situation.

Cole was hurt, her Cole oh boy, she couldn't remember a time when Cole ended up in the hospital for an injury, her mind tormented her with scenarios till she fell asleep.

“Ma'am we've arrived at the closest airport” The stewardess said softly as Maria got her bearings.

Humming her thanks, she picked her bags trying to clear the remnants of sleep from her eyes before getting into the car waiting for her.

“Where to ma'am?” The driver asked when they had joined the traffic.

“Hamilton hospital Gerrard”

“Alright ma'am”

Massaging her temples with her fingers she hoped Cole had gotten better or was at least awake, she didn't think she could handle it if he was seriously hurt.

The air conditioning did wonders to her rapidly growing headache, traffic wasn't been kind either; she was tempted to put her head out the window and scream 'I've got a kid I urgently need to get to so get the fuck out of my way'. Unsurprisingly she was still in the car hoping she would at least get there early.

One hour and a billion seconds later they pulled up in front of the hospital, not waiting for the car to come to a complete halt Maria hopped out of the car before breaking into a jog.

Dodging stretchers and wheelchairs she finally made it to the reception. Nodding to the nurse at the station she asked “Please I'm here for Cole Princeton, he was brought here earlier today”

The nurse scanned the records briefly before guiding her to the third floor, room 306.

“Family for Cole please” A tired looking doctor asked immediately Maria walked out of the elevator.

“Here” she said the same time Frank raised his hand.

“Well the reports have come in and I'm really sorry but Cole will never be able to play football ever again, the fall on his shoulder was almost disastrous, the bones broke tearing most of the tissues and veins, it took hours of surgery to repair most of the damage but we aren't sure about his nervous system” 

“What about recovery, will he ever be able to move his shoulder perfectly well and side effects? Will there be another problem years from now?” Maria shuddered as she thought of the worst.

“All I can tell you ma'am is that your son is on his way to a quick and error free recovery but he might never be able to stress those muscles enough to catch a ball” The doctor smiled symphathetically before moving on to the next family.

“At least he doesn't have any life threatening issues, it's just a shoulder; he'll get over it with time” Frank shrugged blowing over his hot coffee.

Listening to his nonchalant statement just make Maria's blood boil. “His shoulder is like his life right now Frank” she stated in a clipped tone “It's his chance at getting a full scholarship now all that might be destroyed, nobody wants a player with problems and now it's a player with a problem that can't be fixed so just try to understand that Cole will not just get over it” Maria laid the emphasis on 'get over it'

“Oh please don't try to play loving right now, you don't know a damn about what that means. All you care about is your image and how this might make you look weak in front of everyone else oh what Maria?! Will the blogs take up this news and attack your personal reput-”

“Don't even start with your tantrums Frank please” Maria cut off Frank's upcoming protest. “This isn't about my reputation if you knew anything about showbiz you would know this would do nothing to damage my career. I'm actually talking about being a parent Frank”

Frank barked out a laugh, sloshing some of his coffee all over his shirt. “A parent?! Really you want to teach me about being a parent, I can take lectures from anyone  Maria just not you”

Maria massaged her temples trying to ease the headache she should feel growing.

“Lets just not Frank, my only wish is that he wakes up ok and well and fine an- a- and just ok”

“You've never cared Maria don't pretend to care now.

“What's Cole's favourite colour?” Maria asked.

“What's all this about now Maria, I don't have the strength for games.

“Answer the damned question”

“It's red” Frank answered rolling his eyes.

“It's actually grey, what's his best football club”

“Liverpool Maria!

“It's actually Chelsea, he loved Liverpool when he was 12 frank.” Maria released a hollow laugh. “What does he want to study in college”


Maria stared at Frank in astonishment, chuckling softly as she shook her head in pity. “He wants to be a psychologist, if that doesn't work out he's going for physiotherapy and if that doesn't work out he said he's doesn't mind being a male nurse even if he has to wear a pink suit.” 

“I know my son Maria” Frank spat out. “He doesn't want those things, he was going to play football for goddsake where does all this come into play.

Maria shook her head trying to calm the storm already pushing aggressive waves through her body. There was always no point trying to talk to Frank, he never listened; he always blamed her anyways so she knew anything pointing against her that didn't bruise his ego fueled him.

“You don't know Cole Frank, he's just a boy you knew”

“And whose fault is that?” Frank asked taking few steps into Maria's comfort zone but she had stopped trying to please him a long time ago.

Squaring her shoulders she tilted her head so she could stare into his beautiful grey orbs that Cole took. “I didn't keep you from Cole Frank, he lives in your house for fucks sake, I'm the one who left to pursue a career that I wanted, that I loved, that I became one of the best in and if you need an apology for that; book an appointment with my secretary maybe I'll try to give two fucks then.

Waving a nurse Maria left Frank glaring at her backside, she didn't have the time to take care of two children.

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