Maria stared blankly at the ceiling in her bedroom replaying scenes of the script in her head still nothing seemed to make sense.

Someone was in front of her house, no not someone, Trent was here, yes! That was it but she couldn't bring herself to care.

No she did care! Her heart finally picked up it's dull rhythm after two months in fact she thought he was a mirage until common sense kicked in.

She almost smiled until she caught herself, the overflow of emotions were to strong to show so she didn't bother.

He's here. Her subconscious screamed and a smile finally lightened her expression, she would fight it later but now she was happy.


Humming along with the coffee maker Maria felt her day begin with an amazing boost.

The script she had been trying to get together finally made sense.

She had spent the night making changes and inputting new ideas she knew Dean was going to love.

Calling her driver to pull out in front she almost poured her coffee on herself when she tripped over something in front of her door.

“The hell!” Maria frowned when she righted herself managing not to spill her hot coffee.

She patted her skirt before she looked behind her, “What the hell?” she stared at the sleeping Trent who didn't budge even though she almost fell over him.

He couldn't have possibly slept in front of my door. She reassured herself when a part of her resolve cracked.

“Trent" she said coolly nudging him with her shoe, Trent grumbled cuddling his bag deeper into his chest.

“Trent" Maria nudged him harder but he only curled himself tighter around his bag.

He must be super tired to not even budge. Maria stopped herself short from ruffling his hair, with one last look at his beau- horrendous face she resumed her walk to the elevator that would take her down to her ride.

“Madam" The security guard waved her over when he saw her headed towards the door, Maria checked her wrist watch “I won't take up much of your time ma'am” 

“Oh it's no bother” Maria smiled in apology.

“Apparently someone slept on your floor, he didn't give you any trouble, you saw him and didn't call security so we stayed put but ma'am he slept there all night, do we need to remove him from the building?"

Maria itched to scream 'yes please do' but her heart was too soft. “Uh no no he's fine just please send some food up to him, I don't think he ate anything yesterday, call me if anything changes.

“Will do ma'am have a lovely day” 

Maria apologized to the driver before they zoomed into traffic, it didn't matter though because today was going to be a great day.

Maria power walked to her office, replying greetings here and there, few steps away she was cornered by the crew's technician.

“Good morning M do you have our script set, we've been waiting for days we can't delay the weekly airings anymore or our support might drop drastically causing tremendous damage.

“I know Ted so calm down” handing him the script she watched him run towards the crew like he had found gold.

“I see you're in a good mood today” Dean smiled as she leaned on Maria's door.

“I see no one wants me in my office today” Maria shoved Dean aside so she could finally access peace and quiet.

“Ouch don't be mean, why are you in such a good mood anyway?

“Am I supposed to be in a bad mood?” Maria raised her brows questioningly.

“Well you're always in a bad mood so...

Maria drank her coffee spitting it back out from how hot it was.

“Oh my God are you ok?” Dean handed her a bottle of cold water which Maria refused to accept.

“Of course I'm ok or I was ok until you started to put your nose into my business” Maria growled wiping spilt  coffee off her documents.

“Excuse me”

“Well you're actually excused that is if you can deal with not sticking your nose where it doesn't belong”

“I'm still trying to understand where this conversation started from.

“It started from you bringing Trent here Dean, I know you're the one who did it.” 

“And that was a bad thing?

“It was the most horrible thing you could ever do” Maria hissed.

“How was it a horrible thing Maria please explain to me” 

“It doesn't matter ho-”

“It doesn't matter how because you have no fucking idea why it's horrible do you?

Maria was dumbfounded at how true that was, scrambling to hold on to her fading anger she said “It's my life, you didn't need to meddle in it because I didn't ask you to.

“I didn't realize we needed to ask permission to do things that make your best friend happy”

“This isn't about friendship Dean”

“Then what is it about?”Dean yelled “What is it exactly about? You've been moping around like a zombie just because you were hurting, you won't talk to me or anyone, I did the best thing or rather what I thought was best to deal with your self destruction and I'm the enemy?


Dean held her hand up interrupting Maria mid speech. “Did you even talk to him Maria?

“I didn't have the chance to"

“So you attacked me because it was the next best thing or were you preparing yourself for whatever fight you might have when you get back home to Trent.

“Dean that wasn't-”

“You are the most annoying self preserved idiot I've ever met honestly, I can't believe I've wasted my time on you, how was I supposed to help you if you didn't tell me what happened? How was I supposed to help? I only did what I thought was right”

Tears welled in Maria's eyes so fast she couldn't hold them in. “Well I didn't ask you to.

Dean pursed her lips to stop them from trembling “Noted”

“Woah there ladies what's the problem? You're going to bring the building down with all these screaming" Lilah said as she walked into Maria's office.

Taking in the scene before her, Lilah found herself at odds. Dean dropped the files she was holding on the table breezing right out of the office.

Maria had her back to Lilah hoping she would just leave.

“Well would you tell me what's going on?

“I think you should go to her, she needs you"

“Last time I checked you were my friend too besides I'm sure she would want me to be here" Lilah smiled warmly at Maria.

Blinking hard to dispel the tears Maria realized she still couldn't hold them in.

“Oh baby it will be okay I promise” Lilah cooed at Maria as she held her.

“Dean hates me, God! I said such horrible things Lilah" Maria sobbed into Lilah's shoulder.

“She doesn't hate you love trust me, she's going to hold a grudge sure but you're her best friend”

“I might have told her it didn't matter either way” Maria sniffled.

“Well what caused your quarrel? You've never quarreled like this before.” 

“She tried to help me, it did work but I was so hurt I didn't appreciate the effort she made, I told her not to stick her nose where it didn't belong.

“Hmm I think you should solve whatever is hurting you first, Dean might be pushy atimes but she's a good friend and she wouldn't have done it if she wasn't worried.” Lilah said causing another bout of tears from Maria.

“I know"

“Then why'd you make her feel bad about it?

“Because I didn't know how to feel, my emotions were all over the place I just dumped it on the first person I saw”

“I think you dumped it on her because it was convenient" Lilah caressed Maria's head “You dumped it on her because Dean would laugh it off and you could apologise later.

“Yea” Maria mumbled feeling the guilt already settling in.

“Well what I think is you shouldn't take her for granted friend or not, she's a person too and she's also human with hurtable feelings”

Maria hummed in response, today was supposed to be a good day but she had ruined it herself.

“I'm too scared to even try apologizing now"

“No don't do that” Lilah chuckled “Dean would eat you alive if you do, give her time to cool off then you can get her chocolates”

“That I will Lilah thanks, I feel lots better”

“I'm glad I could help I'll see you later” Lilah kissed Maria's head before going in search of Dean.

She wasn't in the cafeteria or her office neither was she supervising the shoot, there was only one place she could be.

Lilah gritted her teeth when she opened the door leading to the rooftop, she always hated heights and Dean was basking in its Glory.

“Hey baby”

“How's she?” Dean asked

“She's fine”

“Okay” Dean turned teary eyes to Lilah turning her to mush “Can I get a hug now?

“Anytime baby anytime” Lilah whispered while she cradled her to her chest.

Maria's tears made her sad.

Dean's ripped her heart to shreds.