“Tough it out boys, the game starts this Saturday, we've been training for six months now don't mess this up for me or you'll be running laps for the rest of your life.

“We get it Coach, don't go all gramps on us now” We all laughed when Coach threw a ball at Cole.

“Its time to lose those belly fat Eston and Riley don't be a push over on the field, Cole you better get better on those catchs, to all of you guys I didn't mention you better not make me mention you” Coach made a show of walking off the field before he turned back and yelled “Trent you better make sure we win that cup or you're gonna be running with your children on this field.

The roar of laughter increased with the blush rising on Trent's cheeks.

“I hear you coach let's hope you aren't in a wheelchair by then”

“50 laps Trent and all of you too, now get on with it!” Coach pointed to the field daring us to disobey him. 

“Come on coach, the sun is too hot, we plead for mercy” Cole placed his hand on his head pretending to swoon while we rushed to catch him before he hit the ground.

“Nice try sleeping beauty, you better run round the field or I'm transferring you to theater so you can spend the rest of your senior year practicing lines”

The thought of it sent us all scampering to the field.


The game started by 10am on Saturday, the crowd was more than they expected, probably because they were their rivals.

Hamilton high and Rifelson High. It was a match to remember.

Standing with the starting 11, Trent waited patiently for the game to begin, scanning the crowds and waving at the cheerleaders.

When the referee signalled the start of the game, Trent positioned himself behind Eston.

When Eston passed the ball to Trent, the rest of the players formed a shield blocking the opposing team so he could find Cole.

Stretching his arm as far as it could go he sent the ball flying, the shield scattered then as they rushed in to get space for Cole.

It all happened in slow motion, Cole was running straight for a touch down when he was tackled from his side.

Trent's heart stopped before he heard Cole scream, Cole landed on his right shoulder as he slammed his head hard on the ground.

It was like everything became black and white, medics rushed into the field but Trent was already there giving off emotional support.

“It's ok buddy, it's ok bud I'm here I promise” Trent cooed.

The medical team stabilized Cole moving him unto a stretcher before Wheeling him off the field.

The game wasn't over still it was more or less done, Trent felt nothing but rage when he looked at the player who tackled Cole.

“Were you fucking blind?!” He yelled at the player.

“Yo! It's just a game alright chill out besides if he was looking I wouldn't have slammed into him” The player snickered along with his teammates.

This only made Trent see red, punching the player squarely in the face he didn't wait for the referee to send him off the field before he did so himself.

Two players out, when the rest of the players followed him off the field he couldn't explain the joy in his heart for his team.

With the roar from the crowd he knew they had their back too.

Fuck Rifelson High


“Son why don't you call anyone who would be here for Cole” Coach tapped my back 

“I don't know coach, I don't really know his parents just a woman called Maria”

“Call her then, he needs a familiar face around after that traumatizing fall and you need someone who can help you check in on him before you drive yourself craxy” Coach placed the phone in my hand urging me to make the call.

Taking a deep breath I placed a call to Maria.

On the third ring she picked “Hey Cole, I've been tryi-”

“Its not Cole ma'am”

“Who's this?

“I'm Trent ma'am Cole's friend”

“So what are you doing calling me with Cole's phone?” 

“Cole was in an accident this afternoon”

“What?! how did this happen? Where is he now? Is he fine? Oh my God I'm on my way” Maria's fear stricken voice rushed out through the receiver.

“Alright we're at Hamilton hospital, I don't know if we'll be moved to the state hospital”

“Just keep me updated I'm on my way” A beep signified the end of the call.

“Is she coming?” Coach asked trying to stifle a yawn.

“Yeah she is coach, I'm just going to wait on here for her coach, you can just go home besides I think the rest of the team need to stew.” Trent looked at the boys crowding the hospital space, anger rolling off them in waves.

They were disturbing the nurses normal routine but I didn't think anyone had the guts to walk into that chaos.

Trent watched coach guide the boys out of the hospital, only a lion could lead other lions, he waved them goodbye waiting till they were all on their way before he walked into Cole's room.

He's attached to way too many tubes. Trent thought to himself.

“Hey bud you just hang on, Maria's on her way, I wish I knew who she was to you cause I don't know what she's done to me man. Let's just leave all that now yeah just get off this bed hmmm- then we can try to catch up on tra-inin-g” Trent paused to catch his breath when he began to stutter. “I can't lose you man, I got you anytime, any day but I can't fight this with you, you just have to fight this yourself with me always by your side.

Trent's heart felt speech halted when he saw the teary eyed nurse standing by the door.

“I'm just here to check his vitals” She said rapidly blinking her eyes.

Trent gave her space to work not taking his eyes off Cole, was it fear of the unknown but he knew he had never prayed as hard as he did that moment.

“I'm done, he's stable right now but I'm sure he appreciates the fact that you're here” The nurse held Trent's hand for a few seconds before nodding and moving to the next patient.

“I'm going to kill you when you wake up you hear me, you're going to witness many more ice baths from now on” Trent sniffled, adjusting Cole's sheets to shield him from the cold. “I love you and I know I'll never say that when you open your eyes cause then you'll act stupidly gay so if you can hear me just say it back”

“I love you too dad” Cole mumbled with a smile before slipping back into unconsciousness.

Trent couldn't remember crying harder in his entire life.

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