Trenton floated in the after math of desire. Hanging cleanly over satisfaction and bliss, he stretched out his body listening to the way his bones cracked and popped.

Reaching blindly for the strange woman, he felt extremely cold when her side of the bed was empty. Listening closely for any sound and not hearing any, he cursed himself for sleeping deeply.

Walking through the top floor naked, looking for any trace of her–Trent was disappointed when she didn't surface.

The top floor wasn't empty, she was just gone.


“Hey, man. Where were you? The party was litttt last night. Gwen got really drunk and flashed us a view of her fake tits.” Cole grimaced when he tried to laugh. Trent laughed at his struggle.

“I just went to sleep, you know parties aren't my thing.

“Where did you sleep then, you shit head? I kept throwing up last night and there was no one to hold me.” Cole glared at Trent, pouting his lips.

“I slept on the top floor, man. I'm sorry if it was an intrusion, but Gwen came into the room last night and I knew she wouldn't give up until she found me." Trent explained.

“Geez! That's restricted area, hope Gwen didn't go up there.” Cole widened his eyes. 

“No. She didn't, It was just me.

“Thank God, I wouldn't have wanted her to disturb Maria.” Cole held his chest in relief. 

Trent's heart almost fell out of his chest, his mouth suddenly became dry with the thought of the strange woman–Maria.
Very beautiful name indeed for an alluring woman.

“Who's Maria?” Trent questioned, his curiosity bubbling.

“Everyone get your butts off the ground!” Coach ordered, lifting Cole up and interrupting his detective project–"who is Maria" 

“Are you hungover son?!” Coach screamed his question into Cole's face.

“No, sir. I'm not.” Cole winced from the loud noise.

"You're going to run a few laps round this field, son, stopping only when I ask  you to." He blew his whistle, signaling for Cole to begin. They all snickered when he tripped over his own feet five minutes into the run.

"I'm not sure I told you to sleep on the gaddamn field, Nicole!" The coach yelled, clapping his hands.
They all laughed at the nickname and covered their noses in disgust when he threw up.

"Jesus Christ! Trent, get him out of here." The man who appeared to be in his middle forties ordered.

Trent wrinkled his nose in distaste and made his way to his best friend who had both his hands on his knees, his chest heaving. He pulled Cole out of his own vomit carefully, trying not to get any of that close to him.

“You're my bestest friend, tren tren.” Cole mumbled as Trent dragged him off the field, taking in the little clean air he could get, he thanked God for his little mercies.

He dumped him at the nurses station after making him gurgle mouth wash, no one needed to go through that torture.

He had no class to rush to so he walked through the halls, enjoying the peace and quiet until he was almost hit in the face by a door.

"Jeezus! watch it." He pushed the door back before it could hit his face and the groan of pain he heard from inside, filled him with a little satisfaction.

“You should watch where you're goi-” Gwen's face switched from Grade A bitch to a sweet angel in seconds, he couldn't deal with this shit today.

Sidestepping her, he hoped to continue his quiet walk when the door swung open again and the force sent Gwen to the floor.

He tried to hold a snort from the view, he wished the bell would ring at this point so people could pick on her moment of imperfection.

"Shit! I didn't see you there, babe." Preston rushed over to pick Gwen up.

Trent rolled his eyes from the on set written script. Someone should have told him they were shooting a movie.

"Oh. Hi, Trent. I didn't see you there." Preston held Gwen to his side like one would hold a trophy.

"Good, because I didn't want to see you. Excuse me." Trent turned to walk away, but was stopped by Gwen.

“Oh! No, Trent. We can walk to class together.” Gwen rushed over to him, trying to cling on to his arm, but he was faster and stronger so he pushed her not so gently back to Preston.

“I think I'm fine on my own, thanks. You should keep your boyfriend comfortable, don't you think?” Trenton stated with a string of sarcasm in his tone. 

The dreamy smile on Preston's face was nothing compared to the horror on Gwen's.

Biting back the advice about to roll off his tongue, he wished Preston good luck–no one made it out sane from Gwen's clutches.

Walking round back to the nurse's office, Trent thanked them for taking care of Cole. 

Shouldering the most of Cole's weight, he deposited Cole in his car. Cole would have to either call someone to pick his car up or Trent would need to wake up extra early to drag him out of bed.

Driving carefully, so as not to wake Cole up he weaved his way through traffic and pulled up in front of his best friend's gigantic house. He carried Cole to his room, depositing him roughly on the bed.

“What the fuck, man!” Cole exclaimed holding his head.

“Nurse that headache good. Next time, don't drink too much.” Trent placed a bottle of water and some Advils on the side table. “I'll pick you up for school tomorrow so you better be ready or I'm dumping ice in your bed.

Groaning his reply, Cole went back to sleep.

Pulling Cole's cover over him, Trent smiled softly. Cole's dad was never home and he always talked about his big shot mom in LA.

Trent loved him like a brother and took it upon himself to watch over him–everyone deserved someone who stood by them through everything and anything and he wanted to be that someone for Cole.

Shaking all the mushiness out of his system, he called home to tell his mom he was at Trent's, while he made his way to one of the guest rooms.

Staring longingly at the stairs leading to the top floor, the urge to sleep in the bed where he knew bliss was overwhelming filled his bones, but he knew he couldn't go up there.

For some weird reasons he felt and knew she wasn't there. Instead, Cole walked into a random guestroom and he admired the king sized bed. He plopped down on the bed and stretched his large frame, he dreamt of playing on a big field, hearing the crowd chorus his name when he threw to Cole and Maria... Sweet, sweet Maria sitting in the crowd blowing him goodluck kisses.

He groaned when he felt the familiar hardening of his member.

The night was still young after all.

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