Trent woke up disoriented and groggy, his shirt and trousers were off, he had no recollection of wearing them talk less of taking them off.

He only drank two shots of vodka but he felt like he had been thrown in a ditch, what the hell did that bartender serve last night?

He found two Advils on the table with a glass of water and a note.

You really passed out yesterday, I dropped those drugs there cause I know your head must be killing you by now so don't bother going for practice, sleep all you can.


Trent threw the paper in the trash, throwing the pills into his mouth he swallowed without touching the glass of water.

Dragging himself into the bathroom he turned the temperature to cold, that should help him with the aches in his body and probably wake him up.

His head hurt more than normal, his limbs refused to work atimes, it was so scary when he couldn't feel them but with the duvet around him, he rested just like Cole said.

Maybe this blurred image in his head would make sense.


Barely five minutes later Trent was woken by his phone, the incessant ringing of the device just increased his headache.

“Hello” he mumbled through clenched teeth.

“I booked a flight for you and it's leaving by 10:00 pm don't be late.

Trent checked the caller ID, the number wasn't saved in his phone, a frown marred his features as he said “I'm sorry but who's this?

The person on the other side sighed like she had better things to do.

“Look I'm beginning to regret this but Maria needs you or she'll self destruct.

Trent perked up at the mention of Maria's name.

“Is she fine? How is she? Is she ok?” Trent asked like gun on rapid fire.

“That was just one question asked three times, if you want to know how fine she is then you better get moving before you miss your flight, believe you me I won't reschedule for you.” The click signalling the end of the call also spurred Trent into action.

He packed like he was never going to return even when he knew in his heart that if Maria asked him to stay with her in LA he wouldn't think twice.

Dressing haphazardly he made his way to the airport just in time for his flight to be called.

Maria wouldn't be thrilled to see him that he was sure about but he would never give up even if he turned old and his hair grey. He paused for a second taking in the trail of his thoughts.

He was already thinking about getting old with her no not thinking, he wanted to get old with her, no other woman held a candle to her blasting furnace.

He would fight for her even if she had given up on him, he would push for them even if they got stuck, she didn't need to offer a hand in support, he would do it all if she would only take him back.

He would do it all.


Maria studied the script in front of her like it would miraculously make sense. Thirty minutes and nothing later she tossed it back on her table.

Spinning her chair so she enjoy the view her floor gave her all she wanted to do was go home not sit here and wish she wasn't.

“Well Well Well there she is, the boss, the legend, the boss legend!” Dean exclaimed as she waltzed into Maria's office.

Maria didn't even bat an eye at her antics  and that bothered Dean emmensly.

Maria had withdrawn into her shell immediately the private jet touched down in LA, the break she had heard in Maria's voice never showed itself again and Dean wished it would.

Maybe then she would know what was wrong with her best friend but Maria had hugged her tight thanking her for the quick getaway and running straight home.

She should have followed Maria home, forced her to talk it out till she cried instead she drove home like the coward that she was scared to be the cause of what would break the invincible Maria.

She played Maria's game till she couldn't anymore, she acted like it was alright even though she cried every night hoping to find the strength to break into the defensive barrier Maria had put up.

After watching her for two months she knew she didn't have that strength but someone else did, she didn't know what happened that night and she didn't care.

All she wanted was her Maria back even if she was a bitch all year round.

Smiling widely to cover up her expressive eyes she continued her charade knowing Maria wouldn't tell her to stop.

“Are you going to have dinner with us today bestie?” 

“No” one syllabic response.

“How about tomorrow?

“Tomorrow won't cut it either I need to focus on this script and get it right before monday.” Maria tapped her pen on the table clearly showing her mind was nowhere in that room with them.

“Oh alright but your godchildren miss you.” Maria smiled fondly breaking the ice cold image for just a second before recoiling back into her shell.

“I'll send them presents so they don't miss me too much.

“They don't want presents Maria, they want you” Dean tried desperately to bridge the gap she could feel growing endlessly between them.

“Well I'm not available for anything right now.” Maria said devoid of any emotion not bothering to wave Dean goodbye she packed up her things, her destination was home.

Nowhere else felt safe.


Trent waited at the door of Maria's apartment even though he had the key card, whoever planned his trip planned it well.

He heard a car pull up and adjusted his clothing, it was now or never anyway.

Maria walked down the hall like she owned the place, the confident strides didn't change, her hair was longer and starting to coil at the tips, she looked as beautiful as always.

She had her hand in her bag probably searching for her key card, her eyes were searching too because she still hadn't seemed to notice him yet.

Just few steps away from him she halted like she sensed something before looking straight at him.

Her eyes conveyed confusion, disbelief, hurt and then nothing.

Trent was hit by just how deep the pool of nothing in her eyes were.

Sliding her key card into the slot, she walked into the house like she hadn't seen him, the door didn't slam shut but Trent wished it had, at least it would tell him she still felt something even if it was anger.

He would take that anger over... Nothing.

How could she feel nothing? His palms became sweaty with just the thought of Maria not feeling anything for him anymore.

It was damn right scary, cancelling the reservations he had made at the hotel he made himself comfortable in front of her door.

He could envision the lonely nights ahead.

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