Lost Love

Chapter 1 Waiting for you

I've been waiting for you here, waiting for you to remember me!

--Murong Yunshu.


It was very late. When the man pressed down on her body, Murong Yunshu thought that she was dreaming. She opened her eyes in panic and was stunned when she saw there was a real man on her body!

Su Mo, her beloved man, was also the owner of the Imperial Palace-Emperor Qiwei.

"Mo!" Murong Yunshu called out happily. Her eyes were filled with pleasant smiles. "Is that you? Are you here to see me?"

Two years, seven hundred and thirty days, she waited here for him to come all the time.

Compared to Murong Yunshu's joy, Su Mo's face was indifferent and calm. His fingers suddenly grabbed her chin and said, "Murong Yunshu, you are so clever!"

As he spoke, the strength in his hand became heavier and heavier, and he really wanted to kill her.

He relegated her to limbo for two years, yet she was still able to unite with Murong Jing. Through asking Murong Jing to use military authority to force him to come to limbo and release her.

"Mo! It’s hurt! Let me go." Murong Yunshu pleaded.

Su Mo's gaze landed on Murong Yunshu's open undershirt. Her white skin inside was like snow, which made him so excited. He loosened Murong Yunshu's jaw, stretched out his hand and turned her over, then roughly took off her pants.


"Mo, what are you doing!" Murong Yunshu asked in panic when she felt that the man's hot hard object was behind her.

"What’s wrong?"Su Mo responded. Her hair was grabbed by Su Mo, and Murong Yunshu had no choice but to raise her head. When her gaze met Su Mo, her heart couldn't help but sink.

His eyes were cold, like a sharp sword piercing through her heart.

"My Empress, you said you missed me so much! So I'm absolutely here to fuck you!" Su Mo said ruthlessly. He only hated the women beneath him. If it weren't because of her, the woman he loved two years ago would have aborted.

If it weren't because of her, as the Emperor, he would have been forced by Murong Jing’s military power and had no choice but to visit her in the limbo.

He hated Murong Yunshu! He hated her to the core!

Su Mo straightened his body and ruthlessly pierced into Murong Yunshu's body.

Murong Yunshu had no sexual life for two years, so how could she endure Su Mo's torment?

When he entered, she was so dry that she felt like she was about to die. A wave of pain spread through her entire body, causing her eyes to become moist from the pain.

Two years ago, Fu Yan's (imperial concubine) child was gone. Su Mo believed that she did it. In the name of the Empress being jealous and framing the heirs of the emperor, he banished her to the limbo.

She was indeed jealous. But it was he, Su Mo, who swore that he would only have her as his wife in this lifetime.

Since he had broken his promise, she was extremely angry. She wanted to argue with Fu Yan, but Fu Yan's abortion was unrelated with her.

He didn't believe her, he actually didn't believe her!

Afterwards, she was locked up in the limbo, waiting for Su Mo to come to see her day and night, hoping that he would know that she had done nothing to Fu Yan's abortion and that he would come to pick her up.

He came, but he seemed to hate her even more.

"Bitch!" Su Mo's insulting voice sounded in her ears again, "I only fucked you a few times, and you're already drenched like this. Living in limbo for two years, Murong Yunshu, you're so starving."


"You are so cheap, I feel disgusted when I look at your face!" When Su Mo went up to her, he pulled her hair even tighter. His cold eyes made Murong Yunshu's heart ache even more.

Su Mo fucked her more intensively and more ruthlessly, and Murong Yunshu could not bear his torment, so much so that she cried out in pain.

Her tears did not receive Su Mo's pity, on the contrary, he thought she was even more disgusted.

"Mo, please be gentle! I feel so painful!"

"Pain! Murong Yunshu, do you know how to feel pain? You poisonous woman, you even kill your sister's child. What right do you have to cry out for pain?"

Su Mo gritted his teeth and said brutally. He released Murong Yunshu's hair and fiercely asked Murong Yunshu.

As gentle as Su Mo had been to her in the past, he was as ruthless as he was now. Murong Yunshu was so painful that her entire body was clamoring. Her tears fell one after another, but she couldn't get the slightest bit of pity from Su Mo.

"Murong Yunshu, let me tell you, even if you leave this limbo, I will make your life worse than death!"

Murong Yunshu was tormented by Su Mo for a long time. As soon as Su Mo cum, he came out of her body. He put on his clothes and walked to the door without turning his head.

"Mo!" Murong Yunshu looked at Su Mo's back. She curled her lips and said softly with tears in her eyes, "It's not me!"

Su Mo did not turn around. He opened the door and went out. The cold wind poured in, causing Murong Yunshu's body to tremble.

Outside, Su Mo's voice was cold and heartless, "Send my decree: Welcome the Empress back to the palace tomorrow and temporarily stay in the Silent Palace."

He finished this order and left.

The sound of footsteps quickly disappeared. Murong Yunshu looked at the endless darkness outside and laughed self-deprecatingly. Tears fell silently from her eyes.

“It’s good!” she thought. She wanted to leave this place. Finally, she would returned to Su Mo's side.

But … Mo, beloved and beheld, I never forsaken you. I've been waiting for you, I've been waiting for you!

Although Murong Yunshu left the limbo, the Silent Palace she lived in was no different from the limbo. Because the palace was deserted and far away from Su Mo’s palace as it was deserted.

"Your Majesty, you need to take a rest. Please stop playing."

This was Murong Yunshu's third day out of the limbo. She played the zither in the pavilion beside the pond for three days.

"Mo likes me best to play this song." Murong Yunshu smiled and said. They fell in love with each other as they all play zither. He wrote this song ‘The Willow Road’ for her.

"Miss." Maid-Luo had served Murong Yunshu for many years, and she clearly understood the relationship between Murong Yunshu and Su Mo.

Su Mo had no longer loved Yunshu for a long time and fell in love with someone else. However, Murong Yunshu was still silly waiting for him to turn back.

"Don't wait any longer!"

Murong Yunshu shook her head. She looked at the beautiful lotus flower on the lake again with a faint smile on her lips.

She is a beauty, the most beautiful is a pair of incomparably clear eyes.

"Sister!" As Murong Yunshu's finger landed on the string again, a woman's soft voice came from behind her.

Without looking back, Murong Yunshu knew who the person was.

Fu Yan, her half-sister, Su Mo's beloved imperial concubine.

It was also the person who had caused her to be banished into the limbo two years ago.

Seeing that Murong Yunshu ignored her, Fu Yan lifted her foot and walked into the waterside pavilion. "Sister, this is waiting for The Highness!"

She walked in front of Murong Yunshu and blocked her line of sight.

Murong Yunshu raised her head. She first saw Fu Yan's charming face. Looking down at her bulging belly, her heart ached.

Fu Yan was pregnant with Su Mo's child again!

Murong Yunshu did not want to be weak in front of Fu Yan. She stood up and planned to leave.

"Elder sister, I has just arrived, why did you leave? You've been in the limbo for two years, I missed you too much." Fu Yan smiled and said, signaling her palace maid to stop Murong Yunshu and Luo.

"I have nothing to say to you." Murong Yunshu said indifferently.

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