Chapter 13 No antidote

Fu Yan smiled proudly. "I used the poison by myself. There's no antidote."

"I planned to blind my eyes originally, then ask His Majesty to dig out your eyes for me. But you gouged your eyes before it."

"Hahaha!" Fu Yan laughed out loud. She saw that Murong Yunshu was staring at her with one of her intact eyes. She smiled and said, "Murong Yunshu, don't you think Su Mo loves you very much? Didn't you swear an oath with Su Mo?"

"Where is it now? He hates you. He hates you. He can cripple your fingers for me and gouge your eyeballs for me!"

Thinking of what Su Mo had done for her, Fu Yan even laughed happily in her dreams.

"Oh right, Murong Yunshu, His Majesty also killed your mother for me." Fu Yan lied. Murong Jing's matter had nothing to do with Su Mo. She bribed the messenger to let Su Mo receive Murong Jing's rescue letter a few days later deliberately.

"Your mother is good at war, so what?"

Fu Yan mocked. Murong Jing was as hateful as Murong Yunshu.

Originally, she was supposed to be the eldest young miss of the Fu family, but because of Murong Jing and Yushu, she would always be the daughter of a concubine in others’ eyes.

Her mother and father were the loving couple, and Murong Jing was the one who interfered.

"A woman should assist her husband and bring up children. It's filthy to hang out with men in the frontier all day!" Hearing Fu Yan insult her mother, Murong Yunshu's eyes sank. She shouted Fu Yan's name.

"Fu Yan, keep your mouth clean."

Her mother fought for the empire year after year. She brought peace to the empire, bringing Fu Yan and all the people in the imperial capital to a peaceful life.

However, not only Fu Yan, but also many people thought that Murong Jing should stay at home to assist her husband, even if her husband did not have her in his heart.

"Haha." Fu Yan smiled disdainfully. In the past, she was afraid of Murong Yunshu. Murong Jing was already dead. Wouldn't she be arrogant in front of Murong Yunshu?

"I wasn't the only one who said those words. Even when father mentioned your mother, he felt embarrassed."

"Now that she's dead, it's really good."

"I'm afraid you still don't know. As soon as Father finds out that your mother is dead, he immediately presented a memorial to His Majesty and ask His Majesty to give my mother status." Seeing Murong Yunshu's face turn pale, Fu Yan pursed her lips and smiled again.

"Murong Yunshu, your mother died so well."

Murong Yunshu looked at Fu Yan with a cold smile on her face.

Fu Yan frowned and looked at Murong Yunshu, wondering why she was still laughing!

"What are you laughing at!"

"Fu Yan, get closer and I'll tell you." Murong Yunshu chuckled.

This was Murong Yunshu's smile. She disdained contempt and made Fu Yan hate her.

Fu Yan really approached Murong Yunshu. Before she could see it, a silver light flashed in front of her eyes. Then, she suddenly felt painful on her face, and the smell of blood immediately filled the entire palace.

"Ah!" Fu Yan touched her cheek. She found that her palms were covered with blood. Murong Yunshu did not give Fu Yan a chance, and then turned the hairpin in her hand to Fu Yan's face.

Another line sliced across Fu Yan's pretty face.

Fu Yan cared about her face the most. She turned around and ran outside the hall. Murong Yunshu followed closely behind her.

When the maidservants outside heard Fu Yan's cry, they came in immediately. Seeing the wounds on Fu Yan's face and the hairpin in Murong Yunshu's hand, they went over and subdued the hateful Murong Yunshu.

"Fu Yan, you can't die easily." Murong Yunshu was much weaker than before. She endured the pain of her fingers and used all her strength to stab Fu Yan. She was grabbed by someone and the hairpin in her hand fell to the ground.

Fu Yan touched Murong Yunshu, who was bleeding continuously. She walked over and slapped Murong Yunshu, who was being grabbed by someone.

"Murong Yunshu, you hurt me today. His Majesty will take your life definitely." Fu Yan said coldly. Seeing the pain in Murong Yunshu's eyes, she pulled the corner of her mouth and smiled.

"You're really cheap. Your Majesty treated you so ruthlessly, yet you still love him."

"Murong Yunshu, don’t you believe that His Majesty will take your life?"

As she spoke, Fu Yan turned around and left Mo Ran Palace with a cold smile.

Murong Yunshu watched Fu Yan leave. How could she not believe that Su Mo would kill her for Fu Yan? However, she still remembers the love between her and Su Mo in the past. She always remembers how good Su Mo treated her in the past.

Yes, she still loved Su Mo!

If he wanted her life, then let he hurt her deeply than she could wake up.

The wound on Fu Yan's face was treated by the imperial doctor, but the wound on her face was too deep. It wouldn't heal for a while. Even if it was healed, there would still be scars on her face.

Thinking that her face was destroyed by this bitch Murong Yunshu, Fu Yan wanted to kill Murong Yunshu immediately.

She went to the Imperial Palace deliberately and told Su Mo that Murong Yunshu bulliedher.

The wounds on her face were so terrifying that Su Mo angrily ordered that Murong Yunshu should be thrown into the limbo.

Fu Yan thought that in a few days, Su Mo would bestow Murong Yunshu with death.

She waited to see Murong Yunshu's corpse until the news came from the chamber.

In the chamber, Su Yan begged Su Mo to free Murong Yunshu from the palace in front of the officials.

A prince asked the emperor for his empress, and prince still used all the military power he had to exchange.

Su Mo was annoyed on the spot. He beat Su Yan with boards 20 times and ordered Su Yan to return to his fief within three days. If Su Yan violated the Sovereign's decree, he would bestow Su Yan with death.

Fu Yan not only sighed, Murong Yunshu was really lucky. First, it was Su Mo, then there was Su Yan.

She felt that Murong Yunshu could no longer stay in this world.

Murong Yunshu lived in the limbo for two years, so when she came back, she didn't feel anything.

She thought that she would be locked by Su Mo in the limbo for a lifetime, but she didn't expect that Su Mo would really take her life.

In the middle of the night, she was woken up by the noise outside. Murong Yunshu got out of bed and saw four or five maids outside her palace. They locked her door.

Murong Yunshu walked over and heard their voices clearly through the door.

"His Majesty is so cruel!"


"His Majesty has no choice! Prince Yan wants her. Even if His Majesty's woman dies, she can't be given to another man. Besides, His Majesty is doing this for Empress Fu."

"Murong Jing is dead. Murong Yunshu is a cripple in His Majesty's heart. His Majesty dotes on Empress Fu and wants to cripple the Empress a long time ago."

"The Empress is not dead. How can Empress Fu ascend to the empress seat?"

As Murong Yunshu listened to their conversation, her heart turned cold. Not long after, her eyes suddenly lit up.

There was a fire. Her limbo was surrounded by fire. Not only were the doors of the limbo stared at by them, even the windows of the palace were nailed to death.

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