Chapter 6 Don't wait any longer!

The guard dragged Luo'er down. Luo'er did not panic. She pursed her smile and looked at Murong Yunshu. "Miss, don't wait any longer. He won't turn around. Don't wait any longer."

Murong Yunshu understood what Luo'er meant. Seeing Luo'er being taken away, she panicked and got up. However, just as she was finished with her punishment, the blood on her finger was still dripping down. Not long after, she fell heavily to the ground.

Murong Yunshu ignored the intense pain on her finger and pounced towards Su Mo.

"Mo!" Her hand grabbed Su Mo, and her fingers stabbed into her bones. She endured the intense pain and grabbed Su Mo's clothes ruthlessly, pleading, "I beg you, can you let Luo'er go?"

"Su Mo!"

The sound of a cane hitting came from outside the hall, and Luo'er shouted, "Don't wait any longer!"

Murong Yunshu was frightened and her heart ached when she heard this. And her heart was so painful because of the man she was infatuated with.

Seeing that Su Mo was unmoved, Murong Yunshu heavily kowtowed her head to the ground. Her eyes were filled with tears, "Your Majesty, I know that I was wrong. It was me who harmed the little princess, it was not the fault of Luo'er!"

"I beg you, let Luo'er go!"

From childhood until now, the person who treated her best was Luo'er beside her mother.

Very quickly, Murong Yunshu kowtowed until her forehead was covered with blood. The place where her fingers were placed was also bright red.

Su Mo stood in front of her, looking at Murong Yunshu who was crying miserably, he suddenly felt a severe headache.

"Yun Shu." He shouted softly.

Fu Yan saw that Su Mo was in a bad mood, so she hurriedly stepped forward to support Su Mo. "Your Majesty, forget about this matter. The little princess is already dead anyway."

When Murong Yunshu heard Fu Yan's voice, she turned around and glared fiercely at Fu Yan, shouting sternly, "Fu Yan."

Her eyes were filled with hatred, causing Fu Yan's body to tremble, and she was inexplicably afraid.

In this harem, without Su Mo's protection, why would Murong Yunshu dare to be arrogant? A trace of mockery flashed across Fu Yan's lips. She then met Murong Yunshu's eyes and found that her tearful eyes were very beautiful.

Because of Fu Yan's words, Su Mo's headache felt better. He sank his face and glared at Murong Yunshu, coldly saying, "A Life for a Life!"

Luo'er shouted softly outside. Murong Yunshu's head touched the ground. She knew what this meant. Tears flowed out even more violently. She just kowtowed in front of Su Mo and cried.

She was wholeheartedly waiting for Su Mo to turn around. What she was waiting for was not his love, but the person she cared about the most was beaten to death by his guard.

She was wrong! Was she really wrong?

After completing Su Mo's orders, the guard came in and knelt on the ground, saying, "Your Majesty, she is dead!"

Murong Yunshu suddenly reacted. She used all her strength to get up from the ground and stumbled towards the outside of the hall.

Drops of blood dripped down in the place she ran past. Su Mo couldn't help but look over. He discovered that his clothes and the place where Murong Yunshu had knocked before were covered in blood. It was extremely frightening.

His heart became empty, followed by intense pain, so much so that he could not stand and almost fell to the ground. Fu Yan hurriedly asked Eunuch Xu to help Su Mo leave.

Su Mo was helped out of the palace. He turned around and saw Murong Yunshu holding Luo'er's body crying in sorrow. He clearly hated her guts. Why his heart was so painful that it almost split apart when he saw her hurt and hated him?

Luo'er is dead!

Murong Yunshu noticed that Luo'er's body had cooled down, so she tried her best to rub Luo'er with her hands as if Luo'er was covering her hands.

Her fingers were broken, and every movement she was extremely painful. The blood on her fingers dyed the palace red drop by drop.

She didn't care about the pain on her fingers, she just wanted Luo'er to wake up, but no matter how she rubbed her hands, she couldn't cover Luo'er's hands with heat.

Seeing that Luo'er could not be awakened, Murong Yunshu felt that Luo'er's body was stiff and cold. She cried out sadly.

When Luo'er was five years old, she was picked up by Murong Jing. She was Murong Yunshu's maidservant, but the two of them were similar in age and were like sisters.

Murong Yunshu entered the palace and married Su Mo. She asked Murong Jing to help Luo'er find a good husband. Luo'er was unwilling, but she insisted to accompany Murong Yunshu . She said that she would leave after seeing Murong Yunshu happy.

Originally, it had been agreed that Luo'er should be taken out of the palace by Murong Jing to get married one year later. But seeing that Murong Yunshu was beaten into the limbo by Su Mo, she refused to leave Murong Yunshu.

This time, she had accompanied her for another two years.

Two years later, Murong Yunshu waited for Su Mo to take her back from the limbo. She still wanted to wait for Su Mo to turn around. She advised Luo'er to leave and not stay with her in this limbo.

How could Luo'er be at ease with Murong Yunshu alone? She refused to leave.

"Young miss, life is not so good, how can I leave!"

Luo'er's words entered Murong Yunshu's mind.

"Miss, don't wait any longer. He won't love you anymore." When she heard Luo'er's words again, Murong Yunshu remembered that her infatuation had harmed Luo'er's life. She hugged Luo'er and cried bitterly.

Murong Yunshu knew that she might really be wrong!

She waited year after year, waiting for the result that she was beaten into a limbo by him, Luo'er's death, and even more painful.

"Yunshu, you play the zither so beautifully. I won't get tired of listening to it for the rest of my life!"

"Su Mo, are you lying to me? Also, will you really listen to my zither for the rest of your life?"

"Yes, you play for the rest of your life, and I'll listen for the rest of my life.

Who was it that whispered to him that she could play the zither for the rest of her life, and who was it that said that he wanted to listen to her zither for the rest of his life!

Who was it? Who exactly was it!

In his dream, Su Mo dreamed that the girl was sitting in the pavilion playing the zither. She came back and smiled at him. His gaze fell on her fingers, but ten fingers were dripping with blood, startling Su Mo to wake up from his dream.

"Yun Shu!"

He shouted. When he opened his eyes and got up, Su Mo found himself on the bed. Where was there any girl?

And that scene was just a dream. However, the dream was very real, as if he had experienced it before.

"Your Majesty, what's wrong with you?" When Fu Yan, who was sleeping beside him, heard Su Mo call out the name "Yunshu", her heart tightened as she looked nervously at Su Mo.

Murong Yunshu had been in the limbo for two years. He had never called her "Yunshu" in his dreams. Three months after Murong Yunshu left the limbo, Su Mo had been talking in his dreams night after night, calling Murong Yunshu's name.

Was it because the medicine had been put in too little recently, or was Murong Yunshu's appearance affecting Su Mo?

"I'm fine." Su Mo waved his hand, "I'm just dreaming."

He replied, not only was he dreaming, but he also had a terrible headache. The more he thought about the scene in his dream, the more his head hurt.

"Your Majesty, are you not feeling well ?" Fu Yan asked softly.

Su Mo's headache became more and more severe. Every time he saw Murong Yunshu, he would feel pain once he came back.

"Yun Shu!" Su Mo held his painful head and called Murong Yunshu's name.

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