Chapter 3 I hate you

Su Mo's face was cold as he pulled her fingers apart one by one. "Are you done?"

"Mo!" Murong Yunshu looked at Su Mo doubtfully. She suddenly understood something.

"You don't believe me!"

"Murong Yunshu, in order to protect your position, you really used all sorts of methods to obtain me."

"Right now, you are still try to slander Fu Yan while Yan has been defending you over and over again."

"No." Murong Yunshu shook her head, "What I said is all true."

She didn't know what had gone wrong, and why did Su Mo hate her so much?

"In my heart, Yan is the kindest person. I love her."

Hearing Su Mo's confession to Fu Yan, Murong Yun Shu's heart was hurt like be cut by knife. Tears flowed out from the corner of her eyes. She looked at Su Mo and stubbornly said, "No, you said you only love me."

Murong Yunshu had always remembered the vows of the past, and Su Mo had long forgotten all about them.

"Do you have anything else to say?" Su Mo asked again in a indifferent voice. Seeing Murong Yunshu staring at him with tears all over her face, his heart was indescribably strange.

Su Mo moved his gaze away and turned to Eunuch Xu behind him. "Bring the medicine over and feed it to the Empress."

When Murong Yunshu saw Eunuch Xu bringing the soup to her, she hadn't received it yet. She heard Luo anxiously say, "Miss, don't drink it."

After Luo finished speaking, Su Mo's maidservant raised hand and gave her a slap.

"What kind of medicine is this?" Murong Yunshu asked Su Mo in a calm voice.

"Drink." Su Mo did not answer her question and ordered in a cold voice.

The smell of the decoction was extremely unpleasant. Murong Yunshu frowned, because of Luo’s warning she did not obediently drink it.

After a while, she pursed her lips and chuckled softly.

"Mo, I'm most afraid of taking medicine. You know that. Every time you drink medicine, you go to the street to buy me preserved fruits. Why are they gone this time?"

She smiled and looked at Su Mo.

Su Mo didn't like to hear their past, and she made he feel uncomfortable and his brain hurt at the same time. With a calm expression, he picked up the soup bowl in Eunuch Xu's hand.

"This is the Abortion Medicine." He coldly told Murong Yunshu.

“Abortion?" Murong Yunshu was stunned. She was pregnant.

She had married Su Mo for three years. When she first got married, she wished she could immediately got pregnant.

He said their child must be very beautiful, preferably a girl, named Qing Cheng.

Now that she was finally pregnant, but he brought a bowl of abortion medicine in front of her.


"Murong Yunshu, what qualifications do you have to give birth to my child?" As he spoke, he grabbed Murong Yunshu's chin and the soup bowl reached her mouth. When the soup was about to enter her mouth, she reached out and pushed Su Mo away.

Su Mo lowered his head and touched her red eyes. He slowed down the movement of his hand and the bowl of soup was thrown to the ground by Murong Yunshu.

The soup splashed all over the floor, and the strong smell of medicine filled the room. Su Mo saw that the soup was smashed by Murong Yunshu. He coldly said to Eunuch Xu behind him, "Bring another bowl of medicine over."

"Su Mo!" Murong Yunshu cried and called Su Mo's name.

"Why?" She stared at Su Mo's face and questioned him, tears quickly falling down her cheeks. Her tone became gentle and sad, "You said you wanted to have a daughter, a daughter as beautiful as you and me. And her name is Qingcheng!"

"Have you forgotten?" She reached out and grabbed Su Mo's hand, tears in her eyes, crying, "Mo, why!"

"I beg you not to kill the child!"

Su Mo coldly looked at Murong Yunshu, who was crying, "Why?"

"Murong Yunshu, you really don't know why I don't want to this child!"

"Murong Jing's daughter is staying in the Central Palace. This is my greatest tolerance. Do you want to give birth to a boy and make him to become my heir? When that time comes, you and your mother will control the government and play with my country in your hands!"

After Su Mo finished speaking coldly, Murong Yunshu was stunned. The previous Su Mo would not think that way.

Although her mother was a female general with military power, her mother was wholeheartedly protecting the country. If not for her marrying Su Mo, her mother would never have returned to the imperial capital to live.

Mother control the army in her hands because she didn't want Murong Yunshu to be wronged in the harem and didn't want Su Mo to bully her. If Su Mo loved her as much as he did in the past, Murong Jing would have returned to the border long ago.

While Murong Yunshu was thinking, Su Mo's cold and heartless words sounded in her ears.

"Murong Yunshu, what qualifications do you have to conceive my child?" As he spoke, he used his other hand to pull Murong Yunshu's finger open.

"I hate you. I feel disgusted when I look at you!"

Su Mo's every word was so painful that Murong Yunshu's internal organs were in intense pain. She stared at Su Mo blankly, cannot understanding why he had become so heartless.

"Feed the Empress the Abortion Medicine." When Su Mo turned around and walked out of the hall, he gave the maids a cold order.

Eunuch Xu walked forward with the new decoction. The two maids went to Murong Yunshu's bed and pressed her on the bed.

Murong Yunshu turned her head and watched Su Mo's back slowly leave her.

"Mo!" She opened her mouth and called out. The medicinal soup entered her mouth, and the medicinal juice was bitter and unpleasant to drink.

Murong Yunshu looked at the distant Su Mo again. She was sad and tears slowly fell. " Have you forgotten our oath?"

She muttered, and the soup was poured into her mouth again, causing her to cough repeatedly. The palace maids did not give her a chance to catch her breath. They only let go of her when they poured all the medicine into her mouth.

"Miss." Luo, who had been held back from saving Murong Yunshu, saw that Murong Yunshu had been forcefully poured into the Medicine. She quickly pounced on the bed.

She grabbed Murong Yunshu's cold hand and said, "Don't wait him any longer, don't wait any longer."

Murong Yunshu did not respond to Luo. Her gaze still stopped outside the hall, where Su Mo's shadow had disappeared. When the wind blew in, Murong Yunshu's stomach contracted and hurt. A wave of pain came, causing her face to turn pale. She curled up on the bed and cried out in pain.

"Mo, hold my hand and grow old with me."

Three years later, she still remembered their wedding night.

He lifted her head and hugged her in his arms. "Yunshu, hold your hand and grow old with me. I only love Yunshu. If I break this oath, I will die a terrible death."

Five years ago, she and Su Mo met in the land beyond the Great wall. After two years of marriage, they regarded each other as the most important person. A serious oath with deep love. All the things in the past were all Su Mo's kindness to her.

However, one year after she entered the palace, Su Mo went hunting outside the imperial capital.

In order to make her happy, he chased after a fox and accidently fall off his horse.

It was Fu Yan who rescued him. She got the news that he was injured. What she saw on the imperial city gate was the scene of Su Mo hugging Fu Yan.

Afterwards, he doted on Fu Yan and became even more dislike her.

Many people told Murong Yunshu that Su Mo's heart had changed. He fell in love with Fu Yan.

Murong Yunshu didn't want to believe that she and Su Mo had experienced so many things, and he definitely wouldn't betray her.

In the past, Murong Yunshuri had sworn that she would wait for Su Mo to come back to find him, but...

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