Chapter 17 Su Yan’s love

This was such a honor. However, when Murong Yunshu heard Su Yan say this, she did not have the slightest bit of feeling towards Su Mo's actions. There were plenty of coldness and anger from her heart.

Her mother was killed by Su Mo, but he pretended to be in front of the world.

"Yun Shu, what are your next plans?" Murong Jing's head had already been taken back by Su Mo, so Murong Yunshu would not go to the frontier fortress.

It was even more impossible for Murong Yunshu to return the imperial capital.

He wanted to know where Murong Yunshu was going, and he might have a chance to meet her again in the future.

"Su Yan." Murong Yunshu looked at Su Yan who was staring at her nervously. These days, she had an idea, "I want to stay in South City."

Hearing Murong Yunshu's reply, Su Yan did not think too much.

"Well, I'll help you buy a house in South City. If you want to do anything, I can help.

Su Yan thought that Murong Yunshu liked this place, so he wanted to settle down in South City. This was also good. He could see her by his side every day.

"No." Murong Yunshu shook her head. She did not circle around and directly said to Su Yan.

"Su Yan, I can't love anyone anymore."

"I don't dare to love another person. Would you like me to stay in your Prince Yan's Mansion?"

She could not let down Su Yan's deep affection.

If you can't give him your heart, then give him the person.

Murong Yunshu knew that doing this was very unfair to Su Yan. But all she could give was people.

Her heart was broken and could not be picked up.

Su Yan did not answer, he still looked at Murong Yunshu quietly.

"I can stay by your side without any status. You don't want me anymore. Tell me and I'll leave Prince Yan's Mansion myself."

"Nonsense." As soon as Murong Yunshu finished speaking, Su Yan pursed the corners of his mouth and smiled. He did not wait for Murong Yunshu to react and went over to hug her in his arms.

"Yunshu, I want you to be my wife and stay by my side for the rest of your life."

"I know that you can't love someone. It doesn't matter. I'll just love you." Su Yan hugged Murong Yunshu tightly and said, "I love you. I will not let you down in this lifetime."

"Yun Shu, I love you for the rest of my life. If I break this oath, I will die a terrible death." This was what Su Mo said to Murong Yunshu three years ago. Because of Su Yan's words, Murong Yunshu remembered what Su Mo had said. Her eyes suddenly turned red and tears fell from her eyes.

"Su Yan, you gave me a new life and eyes. This is enough." Even if Su Yan and Su Mo disappointed her in the future, she still felt that it was enough.

"I won't." Su Yan immediately rejected Murong Yunshu's words.

"Yun Shu, I want to live with you for the rest of my life."

Nothing is happier than to be with your beloved. After Murong Yunshu agreed to stay, Su Yan was very happy. He wore a smile all day long and began to prepare for his marriage with Murong Yunshu.

There was a very important problem with this matter. The matter of Su Yan marrying the imperial concubine had to be reported to the Emperor, and he needed the Emperor's approval.

If Su Mo knew that Murong Yunshu was going to marry Su Yan, it would be impossible for Su Mo to admit it for the sake of the emperor's face.

Therefore, Su Yan found a family surnamed Yun for Murong Yunshu in her subordinates, and she became the daughter of the Yun Family.

Su Yan married the Yun Clan's daughter, so Su Mo could not refuse.

Su Mo woke up half a month after Murong Yunshu died. During this half month, he had been calling Murong Yunshu' name in his dreams every night. When he woke up, Fu Yan was extremely scared, afraid that the medicine would not be able to suppress Su Mo's memories, reminding him of his past with Murong Yunshu.

Fortunately, after Su Mo woke up and heard that Murong Yunshu was buried in the sea of fire, he killed the guards of the cold palace and ordered that Murong Yunshu's corpse be buried in peace and sent to the Imperial Mausoleum.

Murong Yunshu's face was completely shaken by the fire. No one could tell that she was a beauty who was peerlessly beautiful in the past.

Fu Yan was very unhappy. She knew that after Murong Yunshu and Murong Jing died, no one in this world dared to go against her. Not long later, she would definitely be conferred the title of Empress by Su Mo. Then, she would conceive and give birth to the Crown Prince. At that time, the entire empire would be under her control.

Fu Yan's speculation were accurate, but as time passed, Su Mo did not reward the Fu Clan, nor did he confer an official title on Fu Fu, nor did he propose to confer a title on Fu Yan.

There was something wrong with Fu Yan. She counted the time. Ever since Murong Yunshu died, Su Mo didn't summon any concubines to serve himself, including her.

She purposely brought the tonic soup over. Su Mo saw her and was still gentle to her. She stayed at the Emperor Palace that night, but when Su Mo touched her halfway, his interest dimmed. He said that he was too tired and fell asleep before her.

Fu Yan was sure that Su Mo had not recovered his memories. Otherwise, he would have already torn her apart or executed her for Murong Yunshu.

Fu Yan could not understand Su Mo's strange behavior, and she could not sleep peacefully.

In the middle of the night, Fu Yan was woken up by the commotion beside her. She opened her eyes and saw Su Mo walking out of the hall alone.

The weather outside was cold. Fu Yan looked at Su Mo and called out "Your Majesty". However, Su Mo did not seem to hear her voice and continued walking forward.

Fu Yan felt strange. She put on her clothes and followed Su Mo, wanting to know where he was going!

After walking outside the hall, Eunuch Xu followed behind Su Mo.

When Eunuch Xu saw Fu Yan, he lowered his head.

"When did His Majesty act like this?" Fu Yan asked calmly as she looked at Su Mo who was walking in front.

Eunuch Xu replied, "The night His Majesty woke up, it was like this."

"Where is he going?"

What are you doing again!

"Cold Palace." After Eunuch Xu finished, Fu Yan's eyes became cold. Could it be that Su Mo went to the cold palace to accompany Murong Yunshu? Could it be that he wanted to sleep in the cold palace?

Just as Fu Yan thought, she and Eunuch Xu watched as Su Mo walked to the burnt cold palace, watched as Su Mo entered, lay down on the bed that was almost burned and slept, and held the useless zither left behind by Murong Yunshu in their arms.

Fu Yan stared blankly at Su Mo falling asleep just like that. The wind blew by and whistled in her ears. Fu Yan suddenly felt her entire body go cold. Looking at the shade of the tree, it was pitch black. She hugged her arms. Murong Yunshu died here. Su Mo was crazy. He was not afraid but she was afraid.

Fu Yan did not dare to stay any longer and turned around to return to the Emperor Palace. Tomorrow morning, she must tear down the cold palace, so as to avoid staying here and harming Su Mo and her.

The next day, Su Mo went to court as usual. When Fu Yan proposed to demolish and rebuild the cold palace, he did not stop her. Fu Yan thought that after the cold palace was demolished, Su Mo would not go to the cold palace again. Who knew that Su Mo would still be like this in the future?

He woke up every night and slept in the cold palace. Even if the cold palace was under construction, he would still sleep in it.

After following that scene a few times, Fu Yan felt her hair stand on end every time she recalled it. After some time, she didn't care about Su Mo who woke up at night, as long as Su Mo didn't remember Murong Yunshu, as long as Su Mo was normal in the day, and as long as Su Mo made her empress.

After another month, there were two great joys in the empire. One thing was that Su Mo was about to confer the title of Fu Yan, the second thing was Su Yan marrying the imperial concubine.

When Su Mo saw Su Yan's memorial, he knew that Su Yan was married to a daughter of the Yun Clan, and his heart suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Why was his heart so painful?

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